The viral Australian swimming coach has been at it again

Buckle up folks, because Australian swimming coach Dean Boxall is back with some incredible celebrations once again.

The Olympic Games are always memorable for creating headline-making moments in just about every sport.

Team GB tends to feature quite heavily in that department alongside the likes of Russia, the United States and Jamaica, but in the last few days, Australia has come to the forefront of the conversation thanks to two people in particular: Dean Boxall and Ariarne Titmus.

Joy in Tokyo

Titmus came out on top in the 400m freestyle a few days back with an emphatic victory over American favourite Katie Ledecky. While the win itself was notable, Boxall stole the show in the audience with one of the most enthusiastic celebrations we’ve ever seen.

Fast forward to last night and a similar story transpired with Titmus this time winning the big one in the 200m freestyle.

Boxall may have been slightly more reserved this time around and also didn’t remove his face mask, but there’s no way of denying just how entertaining this man is for viewers across the globe.

After the fact, Ariarne spoke about her coach’s delight and what he’s like behind the scenes.

“That’s just the way Dean is. He’s very passionate about what he does and he becomes quite animated.

“He puts 100% into being a swimming coach and he’s sacrificed a lot of his family life with his kids and his wife for his job.”

It’s rare to see your athletes competing at the elite level in the Olympics and it’s even rarer when they go all the way and win a medal.

This is the pinnacle of Titmus’ career and if this has told us anything, it’s that Dean Boxall is an unbelievably dedicated man who has given a whole lot to ensure her dreams come true.

Featured image credit: Getty