Thor Bjornsson reacts to Martyn Ford calling him ‘too soft’ before Eddie Hall fight

Thor Bjornsson has responded to comments made by fellow weightlifting figurehead Martyn Ford, who called his Icelandic foe ‘too soft’ after his fight with Eddie Hall.

Bjornnsson took on Hall inside the boxing ring last week and won convincingly. The pair had a bitter rivalry leading up to the fight, and Hall came up short.

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It would appear that Bjornsson has not quenched his thirst for the fight game with recent comments from Martyn Ford causing the Icelander to respond.

Ford recently sent a jibe towards Bjornsson, raising eyes towards another big strongman fight. The 39-year-old however, still has to get past ‘the Iranian Hulk’ Sajad Gharibi first.

What did Martyn Ford say about Thor Bjornsson?

Martyn Ford criticised Thro Bjornsson ahead of his fight with Eddie Hall.

“Thor has been very edgy the last two days,” he told Boxing King Media, as quoted by The Mirror.

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“Like I said before this fight, I was like, I think Thor is too soft. I think he has just not got that (energy).”

A bodybuilder nicknamed the ‘World’s Scariest Man,’ Ford weighs a whopping 320 lbs and stands 6’8″ tall. Bjornsson, on the other hand, came into the Eddie Hall fight weighing 316 lbs and standing at the same height.

Therefore, the pair would be relatively equally matched in height and weight.

How did Thor Bjornsson respond to Martyn Ford’s comments?

In response to the comments made by Ford, Bjornsson was pretty direct with his reply. “I disagree,” he said. “I think I’d smash him.”

When asked how Ford will do in his clash with Gharibi, Bjornsson replied as follows:

“I think Martyn Ford is going to win that fight.

“The other guy doesn’t look in shape at all.

“I don’t know the guy, but from the pictures I’ve seen, he looks big. He doesn’t look like he has the endurance to go more than one round, in my opinion. But I don’t know, we’ll see, I’ve seen some bits of Martyn Ford; he looks okay.”

Only time will tell between this prospective match-up, but it would be one hell of a showdown.