Thor Bjornsson readies ‘big fight’ announcement after feuding with Tyson Fury

Thor Bjornsson and Tyson Fury look set to go to war after ‘The Mountain’s’ coach teased that he has a ‘big fight’ in the pipeline.

On March 19, after a legendary rivalry, the Icelandic giant finally settled his feud with Eddie Hall. The pair of strongmen had feuded since the Brit conquered Thor back at the World Strongest Man championships in 2017. This time around, the Game of Thrones star got the edge in their battle.

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Following a rocky start to the contest, the bigger man found his groove and began to utilise his far advanced technical ability. His ramrod jab, superior fitness and powerful southpaw left hand left Hall on the canvas twice before the 6 ft 8 monster raised his hands in the air to celebrate the victory.

But as soon as the contest came to a close, Thor set his sights on securing his next opponent. Names like Martyn Ford instantly sprung to mind, but it turns out that the powerlifter has landed on a much more dangerous proposition.

Thor Bjornsson vs Tyson Fury

In an interview with The Daily Express, the strongman’s head coach, Billy Nelson, said: “There is something very big in the pipeline for him. I can’t say anything at present, but next week it will probably get announced.”

Talking about a potential bout with ‘The Gypsy King’, the Scottish coach added: ‘It would be a six to eight round exhibition contest, won’t it? What an experience for him [Bjornsson] and great for both their profiles.” 

The talk of a future scrap comes off the back of a social media feud between the pair of sporting stars.

Fury posted on Instagram last month:”‘I wonder if Thor Bjornsson could take a crashing right hand to that big jaw?

“Who would have Thor’s hammer? Would this mountain be too big to climb?”

Thor, clearly up for the challenge, responded: “Tyson, there’s only one way to find out [if Thor could take Fury’s punches]. Let’s make this fight.

“I’m 100% up for war. Let’s do this.”

Featured Image Credit: Thor Bjornsson’s Instagram