Tommy Fury net worth 2022: How rich is the boxer?

Find out what Tommy Fury is worth ahead of his upcoming fight with Jake Paul.

Tommy Fury is the younger brother of two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Tommy rose to fame through his family ties and appearance on the reality TV show Love Island.

While he is a reality star, Fury is serious about his boxing. The 23-year-old currently has a record of eight wins and no losses and is 334th in the world in the light heavyweight division.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Fury would fight YouTube sensation-turned-boxer Jake Paul on August 6th, 2022.

Ahead of that clash, we broke down Fury’s net worth to see where he gets his wealth from and how much he will be worth after his bout with Paul.

Tommy Fury’s earnings in boxing

While Fury has fought on eight occasions, he has not accumulated much of his wealth through his sports career. He reportedly earned $15,000 (£12,230) when he beat Anthony Taylor on the Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley undercard in August 2021.


Fury has only fought on the undercards of bigger fights, meaning that the pay-outs are not substantial. However, the fee he is expected to earn when he fights Paul will be much larger.

Tommy Fury’s earnings in endorsements

The majority of Tommy Fury’s wealth comes from endorsements he has received following his appearance on Love Island.

While contestants on the show only picked up £250 while they were in the villa, the spotlight and following that they built up means that most of them are living comfortably now. Fury currently has more than four million followers on Instagram.


The Sun reported in September 2021 that the 23-year-old was pocketing £3,000 in profits from multiple different endorsements, alongside girlfriend Molly-May Hague, whom he met on Love Island.

Molly-May is now the creative director of the fashion brand Pretty Little Thing. As a package, the duo accumulate more money with endorsements, further fuelling Fury’s wealth.

Among the brands the boxer is sponsored by are Disney Plus and McDonald’s.


What is the net worth of Tommy Fury in 2022?

According to the Sun, Fury is worth more than £1 million in 2022. Despite the boxer accumulating this figure alongside Molly-May, his personal wealth is expected to skyrocket when he faces Jake Paul in August.

The fight, which is slated to take place at Madison Square Garden, was officially confirmed this week, with both fighters agreeing on terms.

How much will Fury earn from the Jake Paul fight?

Paul tweeted Fury on Wednesday ahead of their agreement: “We’ve given you everything you asked for.”


Included in these terms was a whopping $2 million (£1.63 million) purse. When Paul fought Tyron Woodley last year, it was reported that both fighters walked away with $2 million.

When Fury and Paul meet in August, regardless of the result, Fury will walk away with his wealth considerably bolstered.

If the 23-year-old receives a similar pay-out to Woodley, Fury’s wealth will go beyond the $3 million (£2.44 million) mark.


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