Tony Bellew issues strong response to Jake Paul over ‘carrying’ claims

Tony Bellew has unleashed his fury upon Jake Paul following the YouTuber’s claims that he is ‘carrying’ boxing.

The ex-Disney star is riling up plenty of big names in the world of boxing. There doesn’t seem to be many boxers who aren’t talking about the American.

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It doesn’t necessarily matter that he hasn’t set foot in the ring with a boxer yet. He doesn’t need to. Love him or hate him, people are still tuning into his fights.

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His rise in the sport has certainly been a unique one – and it has been opposed by many. Paul made a career creating controversial videos on social media. That’s opposed to most elite fighters, who sacrificed their youths relentlessly training to make it big in the sport.

New Year – New Jake Paul

The American’s character isn’t to everyone’s taste. But it’s ultimately the main reason why he has transcended pop culture in the way that he has.

The 24-year-old took to Twitter on December 31 to tell the public all about his New Year’s Resolutions. The fourth goal on his list angered one of Britain’s finest fighters.

Paul said: “Go to [a] chiropractor to heal [my] back from carrying the sport of boxing.”

‘The Bomber’ hits back

This tweet enraged Tony Bellew, who responded to Jake Paul in a damning manner.

“You couldn’t carry the jockstrap of a proper BOXER son. Please rephrase point four,” he replied.

The 6ft 3in power-puncher later elaborated on his feelings during an appearance on The DAZN Boxing Show.

He said: “In no way, shape or form can you claim to carry my sport, you absolute f***ing muppet. You haven’t even fought a boxer yet.

“So how can you claim to be carrying the sport when you haven’t fought someone who comes from my sport? It’s unbelievable!

“I don’t like the fact it’s labelled a boxing match because he’s not facing a boxer.”

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Bellew is one of the greatest cruiserweights that the UK has ever produced. Throughout his career, the former WBC champion has always let his fists do the talking in the ring. However, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t partial to a bit of verbal sparring in the lead up to his contests.

His PPV showdowns with David Haye and Nathan Cleverly captivated the British public. In addition, he wasn’t shy of trash-talking Paul’s current trainer, BJ Flores, in the build-up to their fight.

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The Liverpool-born man unleashed the kitchen sink at the YouTuber’s coach, before stopping him in the third round of their fight.

Bellew may not have become the star he is today without his charismatic persona. But he did earn it in the ring.

Who does Tony Bellew want the American to fight?

Jake Paul Tony Bellew
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There is one man who the 39-year-old would like the social media icon to collide with next.

He said: “If he really wants to fight a boxer, I can tell you someone he can face, Anderson Silva. He is an MMA guy, so he’s not a traditional boxer, but, he has beaten a boxer, and he hasn’t just beaten any boxer. He’s beat the former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

“Face someone like him, then we can listen to you talk about being a boxer, but until you face a boxer, you can’t state that you’re a boxer and the last thing you need to do is say you’re carrying my sport.”

We don’t know who Jake Paul will fight next. But if he gets in the ring with Silva and beats him, maybe Bellew will afford him some credit.

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