Triple H reveals the minimum salary for WWE superstars on main roster

It takes an incredible amount of work to make it into the WWE, but Triple H has revealed that even the minimum salary is worth the effort.

Valued at over $5 billion, the WWE is undeniably the biggest wrestling organisation on the planet. They create the highest-profile stars, put their events on in the most iconic venues and provide their fans with the match-ups that give them memories that last for a lifetime. Consequently, they pay their athletes exceptionally well.

At the highest level of the sport, the superstars are making an astronomical amount of money. In a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, esteemed journalist Dave Meltzer revealed that Brock Lensar and Romans Reigns are bagging yearly salaries of $5 million. But it’s not just the champions taking home the big bucks, as ‘The Game’ recently disclosed.

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Triple H reveals the WWE minimum salary

In an interview with The Athletic, the 14-time World Champion revealed the minimum yearly income for superstars on the red and blue brands.

He said: “Wrestlers on the main roster for Raw or Smackdown earn at least $250,000 annually.”

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Regardless of whether you make it to the main event scene, there’s big money on the table for superstars of all levels.

As per ITN WWE, Triple H himself earns a mouth-watering $3.3 million a year as the company’s Head of Talent Development. Although his in-ring career is over, the size of his bank account continues to grow.

Triple H discusses why he had to retire

At Wrestlemania 38, the 52-year-old emotionally addressed the WWE Universe and told them that his time as a professional athlete had ended. However, that was just confirmation of what he had told Stephen A Smith on ‘Stephen A.’s World’.

The fearsome wrestler explained that a health scare had closed the book on his time as a competitive performer. His wife, Stephanie McMahon, noticed he was coughing up blood. So he went for tests, and the doctors found that he had fluid around his heart, which was causing life-threatening cardiac issues.

Triple H elaborated: “Basically, the way your heart pumps out 55-65% of your ejection fraction is a good number. I was at 30, and I got a quick text message saying, ‘Don’t take time. Pack a bag real quick, head to the emergency room. I’ll fill you in on the way.

“I was nose-diving and sort of at the one-yard line of where you don’t want to be for your family and your future.

“We have three young girls — 15, 13, 11. Suddenly I come home, I’m a little bit sick, and their dad, who’s strong always, suddenly is in the hospital. And I don’t know if they understood the consequences of it, but there are moments when they’re putting you out for stuff, and you think, ‘Is this it? Do you wake up from this?’ That’s tough to swallow, and it makes you think differently.

“As far as in-ring, which I get a lot, I’m done. I will never wrestle again. First of all, I have a defibrillator in my chest, and it’s not a good idea for me to get zapped on live TV.”

Although fans won’t get to see Triple H land another one of his iconic pedigrees, they won’t ever forget the remarkable legacy he’s left behind.

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