Twitter thread ranking Gary Neville saying “ooo” goes viral

Since hanging up his boots, Gary Neville has gone on to build a reputation as one of the best pundits and commentators around.

A combination of passion for the game and genuine insight has earned plaudits from fans of all sides. A pretty terrific achievement given he wasn’t exactly one to adhere himself to oppositions in his playing days.

Over the last few years, Neville has even built something of a catchphrase – if you can describe a prolonged “oooo” as a catchphrase.

What stemmed from that iconic, questionable outburst as Fernando Torres rounded Victor Valdes to send Chelsea to the Champions League final in 2012, has remained an ever-present in the former United man’s commentary arsenal.

That sound effect has become so recognised, that one Twitter user has pulled together a quite brilliant thread, ranking some of Neville’s best “ooo”s, and offering detailed feedback on each.

Sure, Peter Drury might have his poetic turn of phrase, and an ability to make the most basic goal sound like a fairytale – but Gary Neville has the “ooo”, and some would say it works equally as well.

Whether it’s fearing the worst after a player has just clipped someone in the box, or pure excitement after a midfielder has hammered one in from 35 years, the length and pitch of the “ooo” can be expertly shifted to capture any situation.

Featured image credit: Getty