Jake Paul calls out McGregor again, in bizarre chicken video

Look, we’re more than aware that the whole trend of YouTubers dipping their toe in the waters of boxing is a controversial topic.

To a lot of people it makes a mockery of what is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most unforgiving sports in the world. That being said, the numbers these events generate, makes it impossible to ignore.

Jake Paul is one of the personalities leading the way in the phenomenon, with two victories in the ring already to his name, the second coming by way of emphatic knockout against former NBA star Nate Robinson.

Since that, Paul has called out UFC star Conor McGregor, claiming to have made a $50m offer to make a potential fight happen. Up until recently, McGregor hadn’t even acknowledged the whole thing, however he finally addressed the topic during an interview with Bloomberg.

His response was actually pretty measured, essentially saying that he had respect for anyone willing to step into the ring, though did refer to Paul as the “YouTube kid” and insisted that these events weren’t at any real level to interest him.

Despite that, Paul doesn’t seem to be giving up, taking to Instagram to share a bizarre clip that is much more PG than the original call-out that saw him insult McGregor’s wife.

The clip is essentially Paul labelling the former two-weight World Champion a chicken, while touching on how his $50m offer eclipses the $5m he’s set to receive from this weekend’s bout with Dustin Poirier.

While it’s difficult to see any fight between the two happening in the near-future, McGregor himself has openly spoke about how if something can generate huge revenues, then there’s a place for it.

Featured image credit: Getty