The most ridiculous UFC winning streaks

It takes heart and ability to win a fight in the UFC, but to go on a win streak similar to these fighters takes a whole different level of commitment.

These names have put their heart and soul into this promotion over the years and, based on the records we’re about to discuss, that hard work has paid off.

Anderson Silva – 16

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The middleweight king, and potentially the GOAT, hasn’t been at the top of the mountain for quite some time – but that doesn’t mean we should forget his reign….As if we ever could.

He tore through just about everyone and really set the benchmark for what it means to be a legend at the highest level of mixed martial arts.

Kamaru Usman – 14

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Anderson had better watch out, because ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ is coming.

Ever since Kamaru Usman stepped foot inside the UFC he was feared. Now, in the present day, he’s somehow getting scarier with his finishes over Covington, Burns and Masvidal serving as proof of that.

Khabib Nurmagomedov – 13

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Khabib Nurmagomedov barely even broke a sweat during his UFC run and we don’t actually think that’s an understatement.

Sure, a few fights were tough, but he always maintained this sense of composure that made sure he finished his iconic career with an unbelievable 29-0 record – and a 13-0 record in the UFC.

Jon Jones – 13

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For the purposes of this list, we’re basing this record on Jon’s run after the Matt Hamill DQ and before the Daniel Cormier no contest.

Jon Jones is undoubtedly one of the best mixed martial artists we’ve ever seen but if he wants to re-establish his legacy, he needs to have an impressive run up at heavyweight.

Georges St-Pierre – 13

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Georges St-Pierre beat two or three generations of great welterweights and he did so with a level of professionalism that’s rarely seen in the upper echelons of the UFC.

Then, he came back and won the middleweight title – which is kind of insane after taking four years off.

Max Holloway – 13

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The best is blessed.

Max Holloway is perhaps the best boxer, and overall striker, in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He has a top tier claim to be the featherweight GOAT, too, and he’ll continue his push towards another title run when he inevitably fights Alexander Volkanovski again – the man who broke his streak.

Demetrious Johnson – 13

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The greatest flyweight of all time surrendered his unbeaten streak due to a controversial split decision which, in itself, highlights just how good he really was.

‘Mighty Mouse’ beat just about everyone who was put in front of him and his accomplishments in the UFC should never, ever be forgotten.

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