Umbro reveals Fluminense 21/22 Home Shirt and yep…It’s good

Fluminense are firmly in that same sort of cult-icon bracket as Boca Juniors when it comes to very nice football shirts from South America, their latest effort is no different.

The iconic, red, green and white colour combination is unmistakably synonymous with the Brazilian outfit, and in a shocking turn of events, Umbro haven’t strayed too far from that with the new home kit.

This one is a celebration of the 115th anniversary of their first-ever Carioca title, where the club won nine games out of their ten to claim the title.

Glance to the bottom of those alluring stripes, and you’ll find the design of the original cup worked into the jersey. The date of that win is also stamped on the inside of the neck.

Umbro released a nice little announcement video to coincide with the shirt’s launch, but sadly our Portuguese isn’t really up to scratch. It’s great to look at though.

The new Fluminense home shirt drops officially on May 20.

Featured image credit: Fluminense Twitter