Watching Francis Ngannou’s most chaotic KO in slow motion is bewitching

Francis Ngannou is the most fearsome man on planet Earth, and this KO proves why.

The UFC heavyweight champion stands as tall as a basketball player and possesses the frightening aura of Darth Vader. But his biggest asset is his freakish punching power. His opponents all fear the horrific reality of his heavy hands connecting against their jaws.

Just one blow from the Cameroonian can put a man to sleep quicker than an episode of Friday Night Dinner – apologies for those who are fans of the show; it’s just not for me.

But in all seriousness, the 265-pound monster is nothing short of terrifying. At UFC 218, for instance, he destroyed Alistair Overeem with a thunderous left hand.

For those who think he’s just a flash in the pan, this slow-motion video will convince you otherwise.

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This Francis Ngannou KO is insane

Fair enough, ‘The Predator’ isn’t the most technical fighter in the promotion. His shots sometimes resemble KSI-esque windmills. But does it really matter? Not if you’re knocking people out, it doesn’t.

His opponent at UFC 249, Jairzinho Rozenstruik, was a far more accomplished striker. Before transitioning to MMA, the Surinamese¬†fighter accumulated 76 wins in the kickboxing world. Therefore, fans could be forgiven for thinking that he’d have far too much for his adversary. However, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The clip above shows just how exciting Ngannou is. Rozenstruik witnesses his position in the fight flash before his very eyes as the Cameroonian’s first shot misses his face by millimetres. He begins to fire back, but his blows are no match for Ngannou’s fearsome power.

The Predator backs his opponent against the cage and ends proceedings with a devastating left hand. It took the 6ft 3in beast just 20 seconds to finish the fight.

Ngannou followed this performance by claiming the most coveted prize in sports. He ended Stipe Miocic’s legendary reign with another stunning KO, and now his challengers are in short supply.

But there’s one man who can potentially push him. At UFC 270 on January 22, Ngannou will meet his most skilled adversary to date.

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He takes on Ciryl Gane, and if their sparring footage is anything to go by, then the reigning champion could be in a hint of danger. However, training is one thing, but fighting in four-ounce gloves is another. His opponent will have to be flawless for 25 minutes if he wants to win the title, while Ngannou only has to be perfect for one second.

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