When Brock Lesnar and Big Show destroyed the WWE ring during a titanic tussle

Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest stars in the WWE. And alongside Big Show, he created one of the most memorable moments in wrestling history.

‘The Beast Incarnate’ is one of the most destructive athletes of all time. His immense size and power have contributed to him becoming the nine-time world champion he is today. During his first run with the company, he established himself as a bonafide main-eventer and captivated fans around the globe.

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In 2003, his remarkable physical strength was on display on more than one occasion. At that year’s Royal Rumble, the annual match came down to the final two competitors. Lesnar had to overcome one of the best wrestlers of all time – The Undertaker. But he was more than up to the challenge.

He overcame a Tombstone Piledriver to launch ‘The Deadman’ over the top rope to earn his headline status at WrestleMania. His title fight at the nineteenth edition of the event was one for the ages.

Lesnar went toe-to-toe with Kurt Angle, and after an incredible war of attrition, he finished the former Olympian with an iconic F5 to claim the WWE Championship.

Later that year, he created another huge spectacle.

Brock Lesnar makes WWE history

On June 12, 2003, the 6ft 3in giant of a man took on a wrestler even taller than him. He collided with Big Show in what would become a monumental encounter. The rivalry had begun the previous year when ‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ defeated Lesnar by utilising a steel chair and a Paul Hayman betrayal at Survivor Series.

The pair also met in a Stretcher Match at Judgement Day. Lesnar attacked his opponent with a microphone cord and sent him crashing into a gurney. However, he couldn’t take the 7ft 1in monster out until he ran him over with a forklift truck.

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On an episode of SmackDown, they blew the crowd away with one of the most incredible moments ever seen in WWE. Lesnar performed a superplex on his enemy from the top rope and the result shocked the world.

The ring completely caved in, the referee collapsed to the mat, and the fans shrieked in pure joy.

Although Mark Henry produced a similar moment at Vengeance 2011, this near two-decade-old summer matchup is the one that stands out.

The sight of Brock Lesnar and Big Show in a collapsed ring provided the ending to an infamous scene that, to this day, stands out as one of the more remarkable feats seen in a wrestling ring.

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