Why Lance Storm doesn’t want Cyndi Lauper in the WWE Celebrity Hall of Fame

Lance Storm has rejected the idea of pop sensation Cyndi Lauper being inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Every year the premier wrestling promotion pays credit to the legends that have made the business what it is today. And on April 1, the company intends to honour The Undertaker by giving him his long-overdue place amongst the sport’s elite.

However, there’s more than one place up for grabs.

The Hall of Fame has several sections, including one for the famous people who’ve sprinkled their own bit of magic over the years.

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The company has become synonymous for treating fans to special guest appearances. Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather crossed over from the world of boxing to fight Braun Strowman and The Big Show respectively. While Donald Trump helped Bobby Lashley shave off Vince McMahon’s hair.

One pop-cultural icon who left her mark more than the rest is Lauper. But a former WWE superstar doesn’t think she suits the requirements for the Celebrity Wing.

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Lance Storm makes his stance on Cyndi Lauper clear

The Canadian took to Twitter to give his opinion on calls for Lauper to enter the Hall of Fame. He believes that her time in the company was so significant that she deserves to become a fully-fledged inductee.

He said: “WWE HOF discussion: Cyndi Lauper does not deserve to be in the Celebrity Wing of the WWE HOF. She deserves to be a full-fledged HOF member. She was a pro wrestling manager, and her popularity and MTV tie in played a huge role in the success of the Rock & Wrestling Connection.”

“Cyndi helped change the business. She is much more deserving of this honour than I am, and many other full-time wrestlers. If you remove Cyndi from wrestling history, things would change a lot. I was in high school back then, and MTV was gigantic, and so was Cyndi.”

“She was giving the WWF the rub, not the other way around. If you remove me from wrestling history, you lose a bunch of good to great matches and possibly the rolling 1/2 crab. The best dropkick discussion is also one name shorter. Cyndi for the Real HOF. Yes, the same goes for Mr T.”

The 52-year-old’s opinion holds a lot of weight in the wrestling community. The former Intercontinental Champion adores the sport and is still working as a producer for Impact wrestling long into his retirement from competing in the ring. Therefore, his points on Lauper must be considered.

The Cyndi Lauper legacy

First and foremost, the American is known for her music career. But like many superstars, she’s got more than one string to her bow. Her time in the WWE started by accident. After meeting Lou Albano on a plane, she invited the powerhouse to act in the music video for her hit song ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun.’

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The rest, as they say, is history. She went from armbarring the sporting icon in the video to attacking him ‘for real’ at a wrestling event when he claimed to have written the lyrics for the song.

To settle the grudge, they each picked a competitor to battle it out. Lauper had become a manager, and ultimately her honour was restored because her client won the bout.

This moment helped launch the WWE, and for that, she deserves her plaudits.

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