Why WWE wrote Charlotte Flair off TV with ‘broken arm’ at WrestleMania Backlash

At Wrestlemania Backlash, Ronda Rousey left Charlotte Flair with a broken arm. But why did WWE decide to write ‘The Queen’ off TV?

In a rivalry that dates back years, two of the most significant competitors in the history of the women’s division finally had the opportunity to settle the score. At Wrestlemania 38, Flair took advantage of an incapacitated referee to defeat her opponent on the grandest stage of them all.

This left Rousey furious and desperate for a rematch. They agreed to a settler, and the contest didn’t disappoint. The two competitors traded blows with kendo sticks and chairs as they brawled around the arena, the ramp and also in the stairwell.

But after a lengthy battle, the former-UFC champion clinched victory. She used a chair to add pressure to her already terrifying armbar, a move she so famously utilised in MMA. This left Flair with no choice other than to say the dreaded words: “I quit.”

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Why have WWE decided to write out Charlotte Flair?

Of course, Flair didn’t really suffer a fractured radius. But the decision to sideline her has left fans curious. However, the answer is rather simple.

During his Backlash recap on ‘The Bryan and Vinny Show’, Bryan Alvarez revealed that the twelve-time world champion is scheduled to get married to Andrade El Idolo soon. Therefore the company made the decision to give her some time off.

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Alvarez said: “They claimed that her radius is broken. I’m pretty sure that this whole thing was a way to write Charlotte off TV for quite a while. So Ronda won the title, and Charlotte’s gonna get married.”

This will give Rousey an opportunity to thrive and explore new rivalries. While Flair has a chance to take a break before she heads back to the company with a renewed sense of ambition.

Featured Image Credit: Charlotte Flair’s Instagram