Wrestling fans go wild for the gloriously cheesy poster for Ric Flair’s final match

On July 31, Ric Flair will compete in his final match, and the promo team have smashed it out of the park with an epic poster.

Despite the purists urging ‘The Nature Boy’ not to get back in the ring, he’s just a week away from going for one last dance. At the age of 77, to say he’s past his prime is an understatement. Yet the appetite to see him perform remains within certain circles.

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The PPV event will take place on a JCP show at the  Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Tennessee. And in a family affair, the 16-time world champion will join forces with his son-in-law, Andrade El Idolo, in a tag team match against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett after the pair assaulted the legend on June 23.

Although Flair isn’t going out against Ricky Steamboat as he had planned, his swan song has gathered some hype due to the fantastic job of the promoters.

Ric Flair final match poster well and truly delivers

As far as sports go, wrestling might embrace the cheese factor the most. And with that in mind, the graphic designers did a superb job on the poster. The faces of the four main eventers float above a purple background while the scene of the assault is in the foreground.

The icon covered in blood is held by Jarrett, while his phone, which has fallen by his side, has Andrade’s face on it.

But as good as the poster is, fans have shown a degree of concern. Some believe that the promotional content implies that Flair won’t make it out of the ring alive. Therefore, they’ve taken to Reddit to voice their opinions.

One said: “So wait, is he ACTUALLY planning on dying in the ring?”

While another stressed how much he liked the graphic: “This is the greatest wrestling poster of all time.”

A third suggested an interesting ending to the match: “I hope he does an overly dramatic fake death scene in the middle of the ring.”

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