WWE crowd goes wild after Cedric Alexander suplexes T-Bar in match

Cedric Alexander sent fans into raptures after executing a perfect Fisherman’s Suplex on T-Bar during WWE Main Event.

The 32-year-old has developed a big reputation in the wrestling world. Having won three 24/7 titles, an NXT Championship and a Raw Tag Team Championship – the latter alongside Shelton Benjamin – the gifted athlete has proven himself as an extremely talented performer.

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WWE fans have wanted Alexander to receive more of a push on the main roster. But the American still regularly showcases his incredible strength and athleticism on Main Event, which is typically recorded before Monday Night Raw and broadcast on tape delay.

And during a recent edition of the show, he gave the fans an unbelievable moment, which almost defied the laws of physics.

Cedric Alexander executes Fisherman’s Suplex on WWE Main Event

During a collision with T-Bar, Alexander had the entire arena on their feet. Having been left on the canvas, his 6 ft 7 opponent backflipped off the top turnbuckle in an attempt to win the match. But luckily, when he arrived, the five-time WWE belt holder had already rolled out of the way.

Consequently, T-Bar injured his knee and couldn’t protect himself from what happened next. Alexander pounced, lifted the significantly bigger man in the air, and performed a beautiful Fisherman’s Suplex. The crowd went wild as the 205-pound man lifted an opponent 65 pounds heavier than him, before securing the pin to win the contest.

With his latest victory, Alexander now moves on to his next challenge. He is one of the WWE Superstars that fans hope could soon make more frequent appearances on the main roster. It’s clear that he has the talent, and with the right opportunities, he could do big things.

On July 22, Vince McMahon announced his retirement as WWE chairman and CEO. This, coupled with more responsibility for Triple H, could see Alexander finally reap the rewards of his labour.

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Featured Image Credit: WWE