WWE fans lash out at Ryback over Triple H health interview reaction

Triple H recently announced his retirement from wrestling. Fans around the world paid tribute to a legend – however former rival Ryback was not so complimentary.

The Game did an interview with ESPN last week where he revealed his recent health issues. He had suffered from viral pneumonia, which in turn caused a build-up of fluid in his lungs and around his heart.

This very dangerous situation hospitalized Triple H, with the heart failure nearly costing him his life. He now lives with a defibrillator implanted in his chest.

As a result, The Game stated that he will no longer be wrestling. WWE fans gave an outpouring of touching support. Triple H’s former rival Ryback, on the other hand, wrote a more negative tribute.

Ryback responds to Triple H retirement

On a post to Twitter, Ryback (real name Ryan Reeves) wrote a message to Triple H.

“You ended up being the biggest disappointment for me personally from loving you growing up, but I wish you well in retirement and future good health,” read the post.

The Big Guy had previously had problems working with Triple H, like others involved in the WWE in the past few decades.

For example, Reeves alleged that Triple H stopped him from being on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine. In addition, Ryback actually left the WWE after behind-the-scenes frustrations with his bookings and fellow wrestlers.

However, bringing it all up upon news of The Game’s retirement seems misplaced.

Despite the timing, Ryback again took to Twitter to back up his statement. Although he wished him well, The Big Guy explained why he took issue with Triple H.

“I truly wish him well,” the wrestler started. “He went out of his way to prevent multiple opportunities for me, lied, and is part of a company I have a legal battle with and have won everything. I put out a heartfelt message and speak from experience but wish him the best. Negative marks are horrible.”

Unfortunately for Ryback, wrestling fans were not impressed by his statement bashing The Game on his retirement.

Fans react to Ryback’s post

The Big Guy faced some backlash as a result of his tweets. Fans began retweeting and replying to the statements in an overwhelmingly negative way.

One user was fed up with Reeve’s attempt at getting in the public eye, writing: “It’s really time for Ryback to p**s off now.”

Another was extremely unimpressed, insulting The Big Guy’s wrestling ability. “What a POS. No wonder why you’re no longer in wrestling. Unsafe p***k. Stay in Vegas and retire, you loser!”

Not mincing his words at all there.

Finally, some suggested that Reeves was jealous of Triple H’s stellar career. A user wrote: “Remember when Ryback achieved what Triple H did in his career? Me neither. Ryback is a bitter tool.”

In defence against the hate, Ryback appeared to block a number of Twitter users, much to their delight. The outspoken former WWE man is never too far from controversy.

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