Kevin Owens sends incredible response to fan who criticised his finisher

Kevin Owens humorously fired back at a fan who criticised the WWE star over a perceived lack of invention with his finisher.

KO has been around the top of the WWE pyramid for a number of years now. When he made his main roster debut in 2015, Owens made an instant statement by defeating John Cena. From then on, the sky was the limit for “The Prizefighter”.

Owens is a three-time WWE United States Champion and one-time Universal Champion. He has also held the Intercontinental Championship belt on two occasions. Earlier in his career, he also caught people’s attention with a stint as the WWE NXT champion.

Despite the numerous accolades, KO has not tasted title success for five years.

Because of the title drought, Owens announced the return of “The Prizefighter” on this week’s RAW. “Prizefighter” is a persona he carried in his early days with the company.

Throughout his intense showdown with Drew McIntyre, KO announced his intentions to get as many championship belts as possible. In essence, he called out every single champion on the roster to warn them that he is gunning for them.

Away from the ring, Kevin Owens has had to deal with criticism from one fan this week who was not impressed with the WWE star’s finisher.

What is Owens’ finishing move?

KO’s finisher is actually borrowed from a legend of the game. When looking to close out a match, Owens delivers the ‘Stunner’ – a finishing move that ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin famously used throughout his incredible career.

However, do not think that Kevin Owens stole the move from the WWE Hall of Famer. Last year, on an episode of WWE’s The Bump, KO revealed that he asked permission from Austin first.

“I had this idea to start doing the Stunner for a finish because it’s the most iconic finisher of all time, and nobody was doing it anymore,” recalled Owens. “I was well aware of what it was, and it’s almost sacrilegious to do it. Which is why I went to Steve [Austin] and asked if I could.

“When I went to Steve, he and I had a pretty good rapport – as soon as I opened my mouth, he knew where I was going. He was like, ‘Yes, go ahead and do it. It sounds great.’”

Although he has the inventor’s blessing, some fans still call out Owens for his lack of ingenuity. KO is not afraid to talk back, though, responding brilliantly to one critical fan on Twitter.

Kevin Owens trolls WWE fan following criticism

In a comment under a separate Kevin Owens post, one WWE fan decided to fire some negativity at the star.

“Well, trailblaze yourself a new finishing move that you created, you seem to be a follower to me,” read their critical tweet.

In response, Kevin Owens was hilariously ruthless.

“No, Brett,” he wrote back. “I’m going to start copying everyone even more. In fact, my name is now Kevinn.”

Brilliantly, Owens even went as far as changing his Twitter username to “Kevinn”. As well as mocking the fan’s name, KO also fired back with a photo mimicking their Twitter profile picture.

“And you think you’re the only one that can take a selfie in front of a body of water while looking miserable? Nope,” continued KO’s comical riposte.

Clearly, Owens is happy to dish out whatever he takes from critics on social media. Hopefully, fans get to enjoy more entertaining interactions like this in the future. ‘The Prizefighter’ is taking no prisoners, that’s for sure.

Featured image credit: YouTube / WWE