Amazon’s all-time Champions League 11 has caused a lot of controversy

Picking an all-time starting lineup from players that have graced the Champions League is no easy task, no matter who you choose someone, somewhere is going to take issue with it.

The competition is quite literally designed to bring together Europe’s elite, meaning down the years it’s brought us the most jaw-dropping moments, supplied by the best players in history.

Ahead of this Sunday’s final, Amazon put forward their own greatest ever lineup. On the whole it’s relatively sound, largely dominated by Pep’s Barca team from the late 2000s with names like Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and obviously Messi, all making the cut.

There is one glaring omission though, rather than picking Zidane in midfield, Amazon went for the only Englishman in the side, Paul Scholes.

It’s that decision that many have taken issue with – and despite Paul Scholes’ undeniable brilliance, it’s surely impossible to not include the Juventus and Real Madrid icon in any GOAT European XI.

A lot of fans made the fair point that Clarence Seedorf, the only player to have won the competition with three clubs, could also have had a very justified claim to be included.

Despite the backlash, it is worth remembering that many of the game’s greatest, including the likes of Xavi and Iniesta have always heaped praise on Scholes. Even Zidane himself labeled Scholes as the greatest midfielder of his generation.

Plus he did do this to send United to the Champions League final, against one of the best Barca teams of all time…

It’s also worth flagging that Raúl has been forced out onto the wing…The less said about that the better I guess.

Featured image: Getty