Barcelona star wants investigation into how 30,000 Frankfurt fans got into Camp Nou

On April 14, Frankfurt dumped Barcelona out of the Europa League in one of the competition’s all-time great upsets.

This shock left one ‘Blaugrana’ player fuming and demanding an investigation into how so many away fans made it into the Camp Nou.

Barca had the home advantage coming into the deciding fixture after the first leg ended in a 1-1 draw. But they were quickly put in their place after Filip Kostic buried a spot-kick to put his team into the ascendancy. However, the German side didn’t rest on their laurels; they relentlessly pursued a second, and eventually, they found it.

In one of the most incredible strikes in European history, Rafael Santos Borre Maury scored an absolute screamer. He struck the ball with thunderous precision from way outside the box to leave Marc-André ter Stegen helpless.

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Although Barcelona began to take over and dominate possession, the visitors continued to look dangerous with their counterattacks.

And eventually, Kostic hit the back of the net again to dump the three-time Champions League winners out of the tournament.

However, despite being up by three goals, the underdogs had to survive an incredibly nervy ten minutes of stoppage time.

Sergio Busquets fired home a wonderfully struck finish to give his team a lifeline. This created some much-needed momentum, which they capitalised on just a few minutes later with a Memphis Depay penalty just crossing the line.

But their efforts were rendered irrelevant as Frankfurt survived the scare to book their place in the semi-finals. With the help of their supportive fans, they achieved the impossible. However, viewers noticed that they had far more spectators in the stadium than expected.

Barcelona star questions the amount of Frankfurt fans in attendance

Barcelona are undeniably one of the biggest teams in world football. Away fans wouldn’t want to miss their side colliding with the formidable Spanish giants.

Esteemed journalist, Javi Miguel, claimed that: “Barça reports 79,468 Camp Nou fans. Looking at the stands, things are distributed more or less like this: 49,000 from Barça and 30,468 from Eintracht.”

As viewers scanned the stadium, they noticed an overwhelming number of white shirts mixed in with the home fans. After the fixture, many away supporters became more prominent as they created a sea of white and clapped their players off the pitch.

Ronald Araujo wants an investigation

Barcelona have struggled in European competition at their home stadium in recent times. They’ve failed to win seven of their last eight games at the Nou Camp, and after their shocking exit against Frankfurt, the fans’ patience is wearing thin.

They have theorised that socios sold their home tickets to the away fans. The whole situation has angered Barca star Ronald Araujo, who voiced his opinion on the matter after the match.

In an interview with Movistar Futbol, The Uruguayan said: “It’s a shame to lose this match. I think despite the result, we played a good game. It’s a shame. We had three mistakes, three goals.

“I am very surprised that there are so many fans of the opposing team in our stadium. The club will have to look at this. For the quality of this team, you can say that it is a failure.”

The player has received massive backing from the fans who believe he is right to question the current situation at the club. Their ground radiated with support for the away team throughout the bulk of the game.

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