Bianca Belair opens up on key motives fuelling Raw Women’s Championship pursuit

Bianca Belair is heading into a huge Elimination Chamber match on Saturday – but she also has her eyes fixed on Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

‘The EST of WWE’ will take on five other women for a chance to fight for the Raw Women’s title at WrestleMania. Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H. and the returning Alexa Bliss will also be competing.

Belair won a Gauntlet Match on Raw this week for the opportunity to enter the Chamber last. She pinned Ripley, who was in the match for an incredible 44 minutes.

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That gives her the advantage of going last in one of the year’s biggest matches so far.

Belair looking to take step forward on path towards gold

Bianca Belair held the SmackDown Women’s Championship last year until the returning Becky Lynch defeated her in 26 seconds at SummerSlam.

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She had main-evented WrestleMania earlier in 2021, defeating Sasha Banks to claim her first title. But to lose it in such a manner, as ‘The EST’ says, was heartbreaking.

Belair told WWE: “I had a great year with so much momentum after becoming champion. To have that taken away in 26 seconds at SummerSlam… it was tough.

“I tried to keep my perspective positive and keep my head up, but at the end of the day, it was taken away from me, so it would mean the world to me to bring it full circle and be able to become champion again at WrestleMania.”

Belair on importance of winning Elimination Chamber

Elsewhere on the Elimination Chamber card, Lynch defends her championship against WWE Hall of Famer Lita. The victor will put the title belt on the line against WrestleMania against the winner of the Elimination Chamber match.

Like the other five women involved, Belair is desperate to taste victory. There are plenty of overlapping stories. Nikki A.S.H. will be looking to reclaim the Raw Women’s title she lost at SummerSlam. Liv Morgan and Doudrop are desperate to have another shot at the title after their matches at Day 1 and the Royal Rumble.

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There’s also Alexa Bliss, whose SmackDown Women’s Championship fight against Charlotte Flair was her most recent WWE match back in September. And Rhea Ripley held the Raw title until July before losing to Flair at Money In The Bank.

However, despite all those factors, Belair perhaps has an even greater reason than the others to win the match.

Speaking about the Chamber match, she explained: “It’s even more important for me this year because I want to redeem myself. I have the longest history with Becky Lynch.

“No one wants this more than me, as I know what it feels like to have that Title, and I know what it feels like to have it taken away. I want to get it back and be an inspiration for other people.

“I want to be the example that bad things can happen to you, but you can push through, don’t give up!”

Belair on potential Lynch/Lita matchup

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Bianca Belair has immense respect for both Becky Lynch and Lita.

Lita has not competed in a singles match since 2012 when she quickly defeated Heath Slater during an episode of Raw. If she does taste victory, it will crown a remarkable comeback story. But as much as Belair would love to see her take home the title, she wants revenge on ‘Big Time Becks’.

She explained: “I personally would love for [WrestleMania match] to be against Becky so I can redeem myself, but we’ll have to see what happens with Becky v Lita.

“It’ll be an amazing thing to see Lita in Saudi Arabia, as Lita has been a huge part of the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE. For example, she was the one who dropped the Divas name, so it’s going to be so cool to see her and Becky have a title match in Saudi Arabia.

“But… I can’t lie, I want Becky to win! Only because I want to be the person to take the Title off her at WrestleMania.”

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