Brock Lesnar does a stunningly spot-on Stone Cold impression

Brock Lesnar has left WWE fans in hysterics with his uncanny impression of the great ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

‘The Beast Incarnate’ is considered one of the most terrifying athletes in sporting history. But behind his frightening aura is a man who loves to have a laugh. Since his WWE debut in 2000, the American has portrayed a fearsome persona, with his real personality hidden in the shadows.

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But during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, he revealed elements of his character that his fans had never previously seen.

Alongside discussing amusing antics like putting Jackass star Wee-Man through a table and explaining what he’d do if a fan tried to attack him, he captivated the viewers with a fantastic imitation of a fellow wrestling legend.

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Brock Lesnar does a remarkable Stone Cold impersonation

The former WWE World Champion is a man of many talents. He’s proved himself in the wrestling field, and let’s not forget his title reign in the UFC. But we had no idea that his skill-set transcended as far as impressions.

To McAfee’s amazement, Lesnar perfectly encapsulated the legend and reeled off a selection of his iconic lines.

He said: “Austin 3:16, Can I get a ‘Hell yeh’? How about a couple of beers? How about you? And you?” Of course, the host and his co-presenter couldn’t resist providing their own “what” chants.

The stunning moment started humorously before becoming bizarre. His impression was so accurate that it almost felt like the real Stone Cold was in the building.

Although the pair have now buried the hatchet, they had quite the rivalry back in 2002. Lesnar had begun making a name for himself as ‘The Next Big Thing’ and was tearing apart everyone who stood in his way. His path of destruction seemed like it was leading to one man and one man only.

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But Austin refused to set foot in the ring with Lesnar in the fear that losing to a rookie would ruin his reputation. ‘Stone Cold’ isn’t exactly renowned for backing down from a challenge, but on this occasion, he did.

This refusal left a bad taste in the mouth of WWE fans around the globe. It’s 20 years since the two legendary athletes were scheduled to go to war. And we’re still in the dark about who would’ve won.

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