Could Thor Bjornsson replace the Iranian Hulk for Martyn Ford fight?

With Iranian Hulk out of his fight with Martyn Ford, dreamy-eyed fans are now hoping that Thor Bjornsson steps up to save the day.

In news that disappointed combat sports enthusiasts around the world, on April 5, the Brit revealed that one of the most intriguing fights of the year – admittedly for all the wrong reasons – will not take place at the end of the month.

Boxstar, the company promoting the event, posted a statement on the O2 Arena website, confirming the news that the fight would not happen.

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However, some would suggest that the contest not happening is probably for the best. After the two men faced off in Dubai, there was clearly only ever going to be one winner. Despite being an imposing man in his own right, Hulk could not hold a candle to Ford.

As their heads came together, tensions escalated past the point of repair. Ford unleashed a devastating shove that sent his rival hurtling towards the floor. Hulk managed to rise to his feet and unsurprisingly wanted revenge.

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As they edged closer together, the shorter man sprung into action and tried to take his rival down. However, this only resulted in more embarrassment, as his 6ft 7in adversary launched him aside with ease. Granted, on April 30, they were scheduled to fight in the ring and not in the street. But this certainly didn’t fill fans with hope.

However, those still upset over the loss of the eagerly anticipated match-up are gradually moving on to something new.

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Thor Bjornsson vs Martyn Ford?

Attention has switched to a monstrous grudge match between two of the most intimidating men on the planet. But is there much chance of this happening? The short answer appears to be no.

Having spent the last few months in a gruelling training camp for his straightener with Eddie Hall, Thor is rightly taking some time to recover. And even if he was to say ‘yes’, Ford may not want to accept a fight against an opponent of a completely different size calibre to Iranian Hulk.

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On the other hand, however, both men have plenty of reason to let their feud play out in the ring.

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Before his well-earned win against Hall, Ford referred to the Icelander as “too soft”, leaving Thor out for blood. He recently called the powerlifter out on his YouTube channel, and down the line, it’s a battle that could sell out any arena in Europe.

Featured Image Credit: Thor Bjornsson / Instagram