Denmark ban WAGs from attending 2022 Football World Cup

The Denmark squad will travel to the 2022 World Cup without their girlfriends, as the Scandanavian nation’s FA will not allow them to attend.

Under normal circumstances, the organisation would implore the players to take their partners to give them some much-needed support and a distraction from the big games ahead. However, due to the location of the tournament, circumstances have changed.

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As per Amnesty International, abused migrants have had to build the state-of-the-art stadiums used in the competition for zero reward. In addition, The state will not let them change jobs, they can’t leave the country and they have to wait for months to receive payment. This is all occurring while FIFA generates enormous financial profit.

Consequently, the Danes have taken a stand.

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Denmark ban girlfriends from attending the 2022 World Cup

A spokesperson for the countries’ FA (DBU) told The Copenhagen Daily that he did not want to boost the Middle Eastern nation’s economy in any way.

He explained: “The DBU and the DBU’s board of directors have decided to minimise travel to Qatar in connection with the World Cup.

“We don’t want to contribute to making a profit for Qatar. Therefore, we have slowed down our travel activities as much as possible.

“At previous tournaments, the players’ wives and girlfriends have travelled with the board.

“But we have cancelled those trips to this tournament.”

This comes after Denmark’s previous statement, in which their kit manufacturer Hummel released ‘protests’ kits. The DBU crest and the designer’s logo are borderline invisible in both of their jerseys. Furthermore, they revealed a black third kit to symbolise the mourning of the migrant workers who have passed away.

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