FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2: How to unlock a FUT Icon

FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2 is finally here, and fans have a range of exciting opportunities to obtain new icons and packs.

The first Icon Swaps promo of FIFA 22 required gamers to complete a range of objectives to unlock Icons such as Wayne Rooney or Rio Ferdinand. There were also special packs on offer.

Icon Swaps 2 follows the same procedure – although there are are now even better Icons on offer. For the first time in FIFA 22, players can also unlock new Prime Icon Moments cards, providing they get the correct amount of tokens.

Here’s the lowdown of how the promo will work, the current objectives and the rewards on offer:

How do Icon Swaps tokens work?

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Icon Swaps tokens on FIFA 22 are used to unlock some of the game’s top Icons and player packs. The tokens comprise of a range of 60-rated players, with the reasoning behind that you are less likely to accidentally submit them into other SBCs than you would be with other cards.

Players can obtain them solely by completing in-game objectives. These can be found in the ‘Milestones’ section of ‘Objectives’.

Currently, there are nine FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2 tokens up for grabs. The objectives will expire on March 21. They will then be replaced by nine more objectives, meaning a total of 18 tokens will be up for grabs.

What are the current FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2 objectives?

Much like the first Icon Swaps promo of FIFA 22, players can earn several of the tokens required for Icon Swaps 2 via a Live FUT Friendly titled ‘One League’. As the name suggests, all the players in your squad must be from the same league to compete. Each of the three league-based Live FUT Friendly objectives requires eight First Owned players from the matching league.

Five tokens can be unlocked by playing Squad Battles. For the ‘One Club Wonders’ objective, your team must contain 11 First Owned players.

Finally, there is also a FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2 objective which requires you to play FUT Champions. Players must win 13 games in FUT Champions to unlock the token.

Below is the complete list of active in-game objectives and how many tokens you will earn for completing each one.

  • LaLiga Icon Swaps (Live FUT Friendlies) – 1 token
  • Serie A Icon Swaps (Live FUT Friendlies) – 1 token
  • Ligue 1 Icon Swaps (Live FUT Friendlies) – 1 token
  • Silvers (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • Eredivisie (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • Liga Portugal (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • German Guile (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • One Club Wonders (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • FUT Champions (FUT Champions) – 1 token

The full list of FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2 rewards – and what you need to unlock them

  • 2 tokens – 25x 81+ Player Pack
  • 3 tokens – 25x 82+ Player Pack
  • 5 tokens – 25x 83+ Player Pack
  • 6 tokens – Mid Icon Thierry Henry (90)
Thierry Henry
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  • 7 tokens – Prime Icon Xavi Hernandez (93)
  • 8 tokens – Prime Icon Pack
  • 9 tokens – Prime Icon Hristo Stoichkov (92)
  • 10 tokens – 91+ Mid or Prime Icon Pack
  • 10 tokens – Prime Icon Moments Steven Gerrard (Rating TBC)
Steven Gerrard
Image Credit: PAUL BARKER/AFP via Getty Images
  • 11 tokens – Prime Icon Cafu (93)
  • 12 tokens – Mid or Prime Icon Player Pick
  • 13 tokens – 92+ Prime Icon Pack
  • 14 tokens – Prime Icon Moments Fabio Cannavaro (TBC)
  • 15 tokens – Prime Icon Player Pick
  • 16 tokens – 92+ Prime or Prime Icon Moments Pack
  • 17 tokens – Prime Icon Garrincha (94)

Featured Image Credit: EA SPORTS