How the ‘I am Jose Mourinho’ video trend took over TikTok

As one of the most well-known tacticians in world football, it is unsurprising that Jose Mourinho has ended up as a TikTok phenomenon.

His “I am Jose Mourinho” video clip is trending on the app.

The Special One became renowned for his bold and sometimes controversial personality. Because of this, he kickstarted an era where football managers could be as famous as their players. Ever since sprinting down the touchline at Old Trafford, Mourinho has never been afraid of hitting the headlines.

Aside from his antics, the Portuguese coach’s success makes him one of the best-known faces in football. Mourinho has an incredible CV to back up his confidence. During his career, he has collected two Champions Leagues, two Europa Leagues, and a number of domestic trophies across Europe.

Additionally, the on-pitch success has brought off-pitch endorsements. Jose earns millions in sponsorship deals with Jaguar, Heineken, Samsung, and American Express, to name a few. However, his most recent endorsement with Topps has extended his influence to Gen-Z TikTok creators.

Mourinho’s Topps advert

Last month, The Special One starred in Topps’ advert for their EURO 2024 sticker album. In an exquisite opening, Mourinho lists off his career trophies and accomplishments whilst holding his own autobiography. What other book would he possibly need?


He then says he has just one more thing to accomplish: managing a European national team.

YouTube video

“But why manage one if I can manage all of them?” he asks rhetorically. “I am Jose Mourinho. Official manager of all European national teams for 2024.”

Cue awkwardness. An assistant comes on to promptly correct Mr Mourinho, as he is in charge of selecting the players for Topps’ UEFA 2024 sticker album.


“Just like I said,” continues Jose. “Official manager of all teams for UEFA EURO 2024… Topps Sticker Album.”

The brilliant advert has accumulated over 800,000 views on Topps’ YouTube channel. However, one part, in particular, has spread like wildfire on social media.

“I am Jose Mourinho” video goes viral on TikTok

Now, the Roma boss’ opening line, “I am Jose Mourinho”, is trending on TikTok. Users on the social media app are dubbing the soundbite over their own videos, in which they have produced a comedic ‘tactical masterclass’.


However, as this is TikTok, most of the tactical genius is not related to football. For instance, some users relate the quote to skipping unwanted gym sessions.

“When I break my ankle, so I actually have an excuse not to hit legs,” put one hilarious gymgoer.

YouTube video

Meanwhile, others utilise the quote to exemplify their Mourinho-esque mentality regarding dating.


For example: “When I leave her on delivered for a while, so I don’t seem interested,” quipped another user of Mourinho’s soundbite.

Whether it’s about dating, dieting, or drinking, the hilarious quote’s seemingly never-ending potential has made it a sensation.

Jose Mourinho knows how to keep in the public eye – even away from the football pitch.


Featured image credit: YouTube/Topps TV