Jack Grealish has his say on ‘competition’ with Mason Mount

By now we’re all very familiar with the attention surrounding Jack Grealish, Mason Mount and Gareth Southgate’s preference between the two.

Despite the debate, both Grealish and Mount were included in last night’s starting lineup, producing solid performances in a comfortable 3-0 victory over Ireland.

After the game, the Villa man was asked about the conversations about him and the Chelsea man, insisting that both can fit in the England side.

“I love Mason, it’s a bit annoying actually as he gets a bit of stick for it.

“I’ve always been close with Mase, I don’t even think we are fighting for the same spot.”

The 25-year-old added: “I want to play as much as possible; all I have to do is impress the manager as much as I can, since I’ve been here he’s been brilliant with me, speaking to me on and off the pitch, telling me what he wants me to do, and that’s what I’ve tried to do, so finger’s crossed.”

The whole thing has gotten to the point where Southgate actually addressed the memes poking fun at his tendency to choose Mount.

“I suppose on that you’re referring to Mason, whose only crime is not to be Jack at the moment,” Southgate joked prior to the game. (Via The Telegraph)

“I’m also aware I should talk about Mason because then it keeps the memes going of me talking about Mason.

“So we have got to fulfil all those requirements just to keep the Villa fans happy, especially. What would they be able to do on social media if they didn’t have that opportunity? So, yes, of course I’m aware Jack’s playing well.”

Featured image credit: Getty