Jose Mourinho makes hilarious appearance in new Stormzy music video

Roma manager Jose Mourinho made a surprising appearance in a new music video from Stormzy.

The grime superstar released a new single, called “Mel Made Me Do It”, on YouTube yesterday. This marked the first time that Stormzy has dropped some new music for nearly two years.

In the eleven-minute video for the song, Stormzy recruited the help of numerous stars from different walks of life. For instance, 100m World Record holder and sprinting legend Usain Bolt made an appearance, as did documentarian Louis Theroux.

YouTube video

Additionally, Stormzy had a famous face from the football world turn up in his music video. The rapper is a big Man United fan and has collaborated with the club before. In 2016, he assisted in Paul Pogba’s unveiling at Man United by featuring in an Adidas promo with the Frenchman.

But in his most recent work, Stormzy collaborated with none other than former Red Devils manager Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho makes brilliant appearance in Stormzy music video

The current Roma boss makes a brief but hilarious cameo in Stormzy’s latest offering.

As Stormzy performs the line: “I prefer not to speak like I’m Jose”, the camera pans through to Mourinho and the rapper standing in an ornate room.

The music then cuts, after which a soundbite of Jose Mourinho’s iconic “I prefer not to speak” interview plays. As the clip continues, Mourinho and Stormzy brilliantly make a shushing motion to the camera whilst those around them react excitedly.

Following this, the Roma boss continues to pose coldly with the music star as he launches back into the verse. Although only on-screen for about 30 seconds, Jose Mourinho certainly increased hype for the new Stormzy track.

His iconic phrase, which is now in a song, is also a piece of Premier League history.

“I prefer not to speak”

The origins of the legendary “I prefer not to speak” clip date back to Mourinho’s second stint at Chelsea. In 2014, the Blues suffered a 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa. To make matters worse, Chelsea received two red cards during the match, something that incensed their manager.

In a post-match interview with Sky Sports, Jose Mourinho tried his best to tread carefully.

“I prefer not to speak,” said the then-Blues boss. “If I speak, I am in big trouble. In big trouble. And I don’t want to be in big trouble.”

Mourinho then went to great lengths explaining how he would not speak about the red cards or the refereeing from the 1-0 defeat.

This fantastic clip became a viral sensation and has been used in many different meme formats in recent years. Now, thanks to Stormzy, football fans got to reminisce about one of the best Jose Mourinho moments of all-time once more.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / GRM Daily