Micah Richards accidentally offends Roy Keane with management joke

Roy Keane and Micah Richards are among the most entertaining double acts on British television.

Their contrasting personalities provide a perfect blend of on-screen chemistry. Sky have decided to utilise that to its maximum potential.

Remember their ‘Road to Wembley‘ series earlier in the year? Well, this time around, the major broadcasting network sent the pair of pundits on a festive road trip to discuss all the best parts of the Christmas season. As you can imagine, it didn’t disappoint.

Presents exchanged

Micah Richards Roy Keane
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Christmas is a time for seeing family, eating as many pigs in blankets as possible and of course, showering your friends with gifts.

From the moment Richards picked Keane up, it seemed the Irishman was desperate to give his colleague a present.

The former Manchester United man handed the 33-year-old a copy of his autobiography, ‘The Second Half’. But Richards hadn’t forgotten to buy a little something for his buddy either.

Keane seemed bemused as he tore away the wrapping paper to reveal a seasonal jumper with the former Aston Villa defender’s face on it. He wore it briefly but quickly took it off again.

Richards then began quizzing the former midfielder about his Christmas Day routine. The 50-year-old explained that he spends the special day walking the dogs and indulging in Only Fools and Horses, and particularly enjoys watching the infamous bar scene.

But to the horror of the Irishman, the Englander confessed that he has never watched a single episode of the legendary sitcom.

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Keane exclaimed: “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Despite this shocking revelation, the drive was still going smoothly as the beloved icons began to get into the Christmas spirit. But that changed slightly when Manchester United became the main topic of conversation.

Micah Richards offends Roy Keane

In November, Red Devils legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked following a run of poor performances. This created mass speculation as to who the next manager would be.

But when Richards recalled the time he joked that the all-business Irishman should have been given the job until the end of the season, Keane took offence.

He said: “Why would that be a joke? You said something about me falling out with the players. I’ll ask you a couple of questions. I’m going to turn it around on you. Have you ever been in the dressing room with me when I’ve been a player or a manager?”

The 33-year-old responded: “No.”

The United great then began to assert his position.

He said: “So why jump to these conclusions? A manager is meant to challenge and fall out with people. I’ve managed in the Premier League, I’ve worked with Martin O’Neill at international level. I have to fight my corner. Nobody else is. Why is that funny?”

Richards explained that he found amusement in the situation because Keane has publicly criticised David de Gea and Harry Maguire. But that isn’t something that the 50-year-old thinks would be an issue.

He explained: “I’d pull them aside and say, ‘I’ve been really critical of you two. Prove me wrong’. It’s not about the players liking the manager. The most important thing is you hope the players respect the manager.”

This left the younger man puzzled. He asked the Old Trafford superstar why he hadn’t been given opportunities at his old club.

Keane jokingly responded: “I’m not going to get the United job. They can’t afford me.”

What does a Keane Christmas consist of?

There are certain questions in life that the population have always wanted to know the answer to.

‘Are we alone in the Universe? What happens in the Bermuda Triangle? How were the pyramids created?’

But the one that stands out above all others has now been answered.

‘How does Roy Keane spend Christmas Day?’

It turns out to be exactly as you’d expect. He enjoys the discipline of training in the morning and focusing on the matches ahead.

Keane loved a good Christmas extravaganza when he was a player and didn’t mind getting stuck into the festivities.

He said: “I used to love going to parties and wearing fancy dress. It’d be utter chaos, and I’d be right in the middle of it.”

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However, he is getting slightly older now and therefore isn’t in the mood for the wild side of the annual holiday. Instead, he’d rather chill out and relax. He most certainly doesn’t want Richards turning up for a spot of turkey.

He said: “I do very little, but I’m there, just like you when you were playing.

“You come round, and I’ll have the dogs waiting for you – ‘Go on, kill!'”

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