Micah Richards gives hilarious reaction to Alan Shearer’s greatest midfield pairing

Micah Richards couldn’t control himself as Alan Shearer revealed the best two midfielders he’d played with during his career.

BBC Sport tasked the pair of England internationals with selecting their best possible line-up, and the idea didn’t disappoint.

Who Richards and Shearer selected in their midfields

Richards picked former Manchester City teammates Yaya Toure and Patrick Vieira, but he was more interested in who his Geordie counterpart had chosen.

But when the Newcastle legend revealed who he had picked, Richards burst out laughing.

He doesn’t rate the idea of Rob Lee and Tim Sherwood facing off against his midfield. Shearer had said: “My midfield might not be able to cope with this one.”

Shearer seemed to find the 33-year-old’s over-the-top response amusing, but that didn’t stop him from firing back at the former defender.

He said: “That’s terrible. Twenty-odd caps for England. That’s disgraceful behaviour!”


However, nothing could stop Richards from bellowing out contagious laughter, which even prompted a comment from host Gary Lineker.

The 61-year-old commented: “That’s so rude.”

When the ex-Manchester City man finally regained his composure, he fired back at the Premier League’s highest-ever goal-scorer.


He said: “Rob Lee? How dare you come with that midfield!”

Other classic Micah Richards reactions

The Birmingham-born man is renowned for his dramatic reactions. One in particular that stands out was his celebration the night that Manchester City beat Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

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Whilst providing punditry for CBS Sports, Richards witnessed his old club score a goal that put them ahead of the Ligue 1 side.

As soon as the ball hit the back of the net, he jumped up from his seat and ran around the studio like a maniac.

However, maybe his most significant success in the world of television was getting Jamie Carragher to dance.


The pair of ex-players recreated a celebration that the Brummy had showcased on the pitch with former City team-mate Ishmael Miller during a game against Everton in 2006.

Despite his best efforts, the Liverpudlian couldn’t quite grasp the intricacies of the necessary movements. He proceeded to compare himself to ‘Lecky Legs’, which sent the studio into hysterics.

‘Lecky Legs’ – real name Mike Campbell – went viral in 2016 when videos emerged of his incredible dancing skills in Liverpool’s pubs and clubs.


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Richards was a fantastic football player, but it could be argued that he’s an even better broadcaster. Throughout his time as a pundit, he has provided an array of entertaining moments which have delighted viewers all over the country.

Fans will hope that his unmissable antics continue on their screens for many a year to come.


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