Seven times football was completely and utterly insane

Few things in life can bring the highs and lows quite like a game of football can. From individual pieces of brilliance to underdogs defying all odds – the beautiful game delivers time and time again. 

Those jaw-dropping moments are what make the sport so special and are the very reason we fell in love with it. 

We’ve whittled down, or at least tried to, five times that football surpassed the boundaries of all reason. The moments where the stars aligned and things that should never happen, left millions across the world wondering what they had just witnessed. 

United complete the treble 

Undoubtedly the most famous comeback in footballing history, that impulsive flick of the leg from Solskjaer changed United’s history forever. 

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For a full year’s worth of football to come down to the final day is extraordinary in itself. For it to be decided in the dying seconds of that day, in the fashion that it was, is surely a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. 

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Barcelona’s impossible comeback

Declaring a game a write-off before kickoff is always risky business. However going into the second leg with a 4-0 lead, it seemed safe enough to assume the job was done for PSG.

How wrong we were. 

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The Istanbul Miracle 

Heading into the second half of a Champion’s League final 3-0 down against an AC Milan side bursting with quality, things couldn’t have looked bleaker for a Liverpool side stuck in an era of mediocrity. 

The moment Dudek made THAT double save against Shevchenko though, things were only heading one way. 

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Roma have risen from their ruins

“This was not meant to happen. This could not happen. This is happening.” Peter Drury exclaimed from the commentary box as he delivered a masterclass in describing the unthinkable. 

Roma put in a Herculean effort to overturn a tie that seemed to be dead and buried, completing one of the greatest European nights in their illustrious history. 

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Leicester City shock the world

Underdog stories don’t come much bigger than the 2015/16 season – when Leicester pulled off one of the greatest achievements in footballing history.

With odds of 5000/1, it almost seemed pointless offering odds on the club winning the league – how stupid we were to believe that.

The Foxes’ victory culminated with the most incredible ten minutes of Andrea Bocelli serenading the stadium alongside a teary-eyed Claudio Ranieri.

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That night in Paris

It was the evening that all-but-secured Solskjær’s position as permanent United boss and at the time, few would have disagreed with it.

After a bleak few years for the club, this was the release that had been long overdue and it came in truly spectacular fashion.

VAR, a 94th minute penalty and Marcus Rashford with ice running through his veins. You love to see it.

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