The bizarre reason Formula 1 officials may begin checking driver underwear

In an intriguing development, every Formula 1 driver may have to limit their race-day underwear to garments that officials have pre-approved beforehand.

If there are any drivers out there who put their F1 success down to wearing a lucky pair of boxers, it’s looking possible that they’ll have to find a new good luck charm.

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Competing in motorsports is one of the most dangerous career paths an individual can take. Designers build the cars to ensure safety without being detrimental to performance. But the athletes still face various risks when racing at lightning speed. Consequently, officials put practices into place to protect the drivers.

One of the biggest dangers in the sport is fire. To help keep them safe, the athletes wear lightweight fire-resistant race suits which can withstand a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius for a minimum of eleven seconds. But now, officials want to introduce a new safety measure to ensure the well-being of the competitors even further.

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Does every Formula 1 driver have to wear a certain kind of underwear?

As per journalist Phillip Horton, due to fire risks associated with the sport, the athletes have learnt that they may have to put an end to wearing unapproved underwear.

He tweeted: “Drivers have been told that they have to stop wearing non-compliant underwear (for fire/safety reasons). They’ve been given a couple of events to seek arrangements before a proper clampdown. Unsure how it will be policed.”

The officials have not suggested that they will actually check the underwear of each individual driver. But there would appear to be no other way to enforce this precaution. There is a belief that non-compliant underwear can melt underneath fireproof driving suits, so it’s no wonder the issue is a priority.

The Australian Grand Prix

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The event has further intrigue, with fanatics wondering whether Lewis Hamilton can get back into the title picture. In addition, Lando Norris wants to prove that he made the right decision in signing for McLaren. So to help you get even more excited about the GP, we’ve got all the information you need below.

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