The Rock wants Thor Bjornsson to do a workout with him

Following his victory over Eddie Hall, Thor Bjornsson may find himself rubbing enormous shoulders with Hollywood A-listers – including The Rock.

Bjornsson knocked Hall down twice to secure a unanimous decision win. The massive boxing match between the two former World’s Strongest Men in Dubai captivated sports fans all over whilst catching the attention of celebrities.

Although well-known for his strongman achievements and role as ‘The Mountain’ in Game of Thrones, Bjornsson’s boxing career has elevated his profile. One of the perks of this profile growth came when wrestling legend-turned-Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson invited Thor for a 5am workout.

The Rock invites Thor Bjornsson for workout

Posting to Twitter, a jet-lagged Thor Bjornsson discussed the possibility of working out, tagging The Rock in the process.

“Super jet lagged. Woke up at 4am,” the strongman wrote. “Doesn’t The Rock train at 4am everyday? Should I train? #Absolutely not.”

The actor, amused by the tweet, gave a response to clear up his routine and suggested a joint workout down the line.

“Technically, I wake up at 4am every day and I’m training by 5am,” tweeted Johnson. “One day we’ll have to bang some iron together. The world’s strongest man, boxer, actor etc and the big, brown, bald, tattooed guy who’s only famous for wearing a fanny pack.

“Keep kicking a** brother.”

Bjornsson was not too far wrong by thinking about the Rock and jet-lagged workouts. The WWE legend has said in the past that after a long flight, he likes to exercise to get his body moving again. Apparently, it helps to fight jet lag.

“No matter how many hours I’ve flown, no matter how many miles I’ve travelled, regardless of what country it is, the first thing I need to do to get ready for the workday is I gotta find the gym,” said the Rock, as quoted by Men’s Health.

A new workout partner could spur Bjornsson on in his potential future endeavours.

Bjornsson’s future plans

Bjornsson seems keen to develop his boxing career further.

As a result, the former world’s strongest man is a potential opponent for Martyn Ford and has said he is open to fighting the Brit.

Fans clamoured for Thor to replace the Iranian Hulk after he dropped out of his match against Ford. However, this looks likely to have come too soon after the Eddie Hall fight for the Icelandic giant. A future match-up is not out of the question, especially after Ford fanned the flames of rivalry by calling Bjornsson “too soft.”

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In addition, Bjornsson’s Instagram posts asking fans who he should fight next clearly signals his intention to continue boxing.

Speculation still circulates about a rematch with Eddie Hall. However, Bjornsson will only take this fight if the Brit meets his demands. Hall must get a tattoo that reads “Thor Bjornsson: World’s Strongest Man”. In addition, he has to pay his rival £200,000, which will be donated to charity.

With a number of opponents available, Bjornsson should be able to keep his popular boxing career going for a while longer.

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