Thor Bjornsson sets challenge for Martyn Ford ahead of Iranian Hulk fight

After beating Eddie Hall, Thor Bjornsson has caught the boxing bug – and he’s sent a message to Martyn Ford ahead of his fight with the Iranian Hulk.

On March 19, ‘The Mountain’ finally settled his long-lasting feud with his British rival. The pair of strongmen had spent five years going back and forth. That was primarily due to Thor’s reaction to losing the 2017 World’s Strongest Man Championships due to a disallowed rep.

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Hall ultimately emerged victorious in the competition, which angered the Icelander, who made several excuses. This eventually led to their boxing match, which lived up to all expectations. After a fearsome fight week in Dubai, in which the fighters flipped tables, hurled insults and even spat at one another, Thor defeated ‘The Beast’ via unanimous decision.

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Before the contest, Hall’s training footage highlighted that he lacked technical ability but packed a real punch. And he proved this on the night. Throughout the entirety of the first round, his looping right hand landed with ease and had his opponent on shaky legs. He even knocked him down at the start of the second segment.

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But as the fight wore on, he began to tire, and Thor’s discipline paid dividends.

The 6 ft 8 superhuman athlete took over the contest and dropped his opponent heavily with two southpaw straight left hands. At the end of six competitive rounds, he had his arm raised and banked the bragging rights in the process. But he now wants more.

Thor Bjornsson vs Martyn Ford?

Hall has proved his honourable nature by agreeing to donate his entire purse to charity. But although the door for a rematch is still slightly ajar, it looks like Thor might go in another direction.

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The Nordic sensation is desperate to get his hands on fellow powerlifter, Martyn Ford. The British bodybuilder referred to Thor as “too soft” prior to his victory over Hall, and now he wants revenge. Provided the Brit can defeat Iranian Hulk on April 30, there’s a good chance that this match-up can come to fruition.

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Ford is scheduled to go toe-to-toe with a man significantly smaller than he is. But against Thor, he’d have to go up against an imposing man who is far more similar to his physical stature. The Game of Thrones star has another option on the table, as he explained on his YouTube channel, but set a challenge for his strongman rival.

He said: (quotes via the Daily Mirror): “In my opinion, Martyn Ford or Mariusz Pudzianowski make the most sense. I read somewhere that Pudzianowski only wants to do MMA. He’s been fighting now for more than a decade and is a lot more experienced than me, so he shouldn’t have an issue boxing a man like myself.

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“Martyn Ford is supposed to be fighting end of April. He obviously has to win his fight for me to consider fighting him.”

He added that he would “smash” Ford if their paths were ever to cross.

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