Old footage shows Triple H spoke in a ridiculous French accent at WCW

Prior to intimidating the masses with his alpha male energy and voice, Triple H entertained WCW audiences with a peculiar French accent.

During his time in WWE, the powerhouse cemented his status as one of the greatest superstars of all time. He captivated audiences with his powerful persona, explosive performances and iconic friendship with Shawn Michaels. The pair’s ‘D Generation X’ stable defined an era and left kids around the world mimicking the infamous chop.

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But before winning 14 world titles and entering the Hall of Fame, he portrayed a very different character. After entering the world’s premier wrestling promotion in 1995, Vince McMahon utilised his potential to make him the main man on the roster. Due to this success, fans have forgotten that the wrestler once spoke in a different accent.

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Triple H used to put on a fake French accent in his WCW days

In a homage to his French roots, Triple H (real name Paul Levesque) or, as he was then known, Jean-Paul Lévesque, used his real last name to play a sneering French character. Of course, we all know the 6 ft 4 beast has a way with the ladies, he did marry Stephanie McMahon after all.

But in WWE, ‘The Game’ wasn’t defined solely by his game. However, in WCW, he radiated a red-blooded energy, which according to the wrestler himself, the women couldn’t resist.

In an old promo, he said: “Let me start by apologising to all the people here today because I know the men, they see the look in the eyes of the women when Jean-Paul walks into the building, they fall to the ground, they fall to their knees in awe of Jean-Paul.”

He continued: “I have had everything in my life. I have had the best education, all the money and every woman I have ever wanted. But the one thing that I have never had is the championship, and that is why I am here, to be the world champion of WCW.”

That title dream never came to fruition. But luckily, he moved to WWE and won over a baker’s dozen, and all without putting on an accent.

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