Triple H ‘unbans’ words from Vince McMahon list in new WWE change

Triple H has partially relaxed an order given out by Vince McMahon in relation to banned words in WWE, according to reports.

’The Game’ was named as the new head of WWE creative last month, replacing Bruce Prichard. Prichard himself was in interim control following the resignation of McMahon from his position.

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The 53-year-old’s appointment was met with positivity and optimism from most WWE fans. Many of them fondly remember Triple H’s time in charge of NXT.

What has Triple H changed in WWE?

Triple H led his first WWE premium live event as head of creative last Sunday. At SummerSlam, there were several surprises for WWE fans.

After 13 months out injured, Bayley made her highly anticipated return to confront Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair.

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But whilst fans were eagerly counting down the days until her comeback, they were in for a bigger shock when Dakota Kai returned to the company. Under McMahon’s leadership, the New Zealand wrestler was released in April.

Iyo Sky, who had also been out of action since April, made a surprise return to complete the new stable. And in an earlier segment, Becky Lynch turned face for the first time since her comeback at last year’s SummerSlam. It is reported that this was a Triple H decision, with McMahon preferring her to stay heel.

In addition, since SummerSlam, Ciampa has begun to receive a push. He recorded two wins on the recent episode of Raw. As a result, he will take on Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship next week.

Away from the ring, WWE also seem to be more flexible on what commentators can say whilst calling the action. In addition, a new report now claims that Triple H has partially relaxed what Superstars can say in the ring as well.

Triple H reverses ’banned words’ order

Under Vince McMahon’s management, there was a list of banned words that WWE Superstars could not use on live programming.

As of 2020, there were around 30 banned words, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The reasoning behind most of these is very much understandable, although fans questioned why words like ’card’ and ’fans’ could not be used.

According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (as per WrestlingNews), Triple H will now allow WWE Superstars and announcers to use the words ’wrestling’ and ’wrestler’ on live programming. They are the only two for now – but it wouldn’t be a surprise if more words were unbanned.

Becky Lynch, meanwhile, has expressed a hope that more words could become unbanned soon.

In an interview with ESPN, she said: ”Maybe we get to bring some words back. I like words. I like having a free range of lots of words. Belts, fans, whatever else it is.”

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