UFC stars Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling get involved in heated Twitter row

Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling will compete in their eagerly anticipated rematch at UFC 273 on April 9.

The second collision between the pair has been able to capture the imagination of MMA enthusiasts and combat sports enthusiasts around the globe. Although Sterling is currently parading around with the belt on his shoulder, many feel his Russian rival is still the rightful champion.

Going into the fourth round of their first contest, Yan had dominated proceedings. That was because his superior fight IQ and all-around athletic ability left Sterling looking like a rabbit in the headlights. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, he made the worst mistake of his career. He hit his opponent with a dangerous and highly illegal knee.

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Despite being flat out on the canvas, Sterling rose to his feet as the new champion of the world. In part two of this grudge match, both men have a point to prove.

The reigning bantamweight king, therefore, has to show the world that he deserves the accolade that has been bestowed upon him. On the other hand, Yan has to fight fairly to regain the belt.

Fans were expecting to see that rematch at UFC 267 in October. But to their dismay, Sterling pulled out due to lingering neck issues. However, this gave Corey Sanhagen a massive opportunity to fight for the interim title.

He tried his best, but ultimately he was no match for the fearsome Russian. Therefore, this makes the former champion’s grudge settler with ‘The Funk Master’ a massive unification contest.

It’s fair to say there’s no love lost between the two best bantamweights on the planet, and the war of words has continued on social media.

Petr Yan vs Aljamain Sterling Twitter beef

The MMA promotion moved their UFC 272 super-fight to April for reasons not released to the public. This has allowed the two fighters to debate what the real explanation is.

The Jamaican claimed that it is because Yan has chosen not to get the Covid-19 vaccine. But the Russian took to Twitter to confirm that he had been vaccinated, and provided his own theory.

What has been said between the pair?

He said: “Pathetic liar, desperately trying to look good and control the narrative, but it won’t work. I’m vaccinated and ready to bash you anywhere, even tomorrow. UFC simply doesn’t want a fake champion to headline the event.”

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If Yan’s response wasn’t explosive enough, Sterling then fired back tenfold with another claim.

Yan then went to explain his side of the story behind why the fight was moved, suggesting that it was so a backup could be in place if Sterling pulled out.

If the anticipation for the fight wasn’t already big enough, this Twitter war has meant the hype is now through the roof. However, fans will have to wait until April to find out which fighter can back up his boasts.

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