What time is the FIFA 23 Web App out? What we know about the release

It is almost time for the release of the FIFA 23 Web App – here is everything that we know before its full launch, including what time it is likely out.

The Web App, in its early days, acts as a precursor, or a teaser, for the full FIFA 23 release. Limited to Ultimate Team only, it can be used to open packs, build your dream team, complete SBCs and trade with other users.

Of course, given that it is purely a web-based application, rather than the game itself, the Web App does have its limitations. You cannot play games on it. In addition, you also are unable to purchase FIFA Points, unless you are a PC player.

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But the Web App still serves a valuable purpose to those looking to get a headstart on others before the full release. Therefore, let’s look at everything we know so far, including what time the FIFA 23 Web App is likely to be out:

What time is the FIFA 23 Web App out?

Whilst EA have not yet confirmed an official release time for the FIFA 23 Web App, we know it will be opened today (Wednesday, September 21).

In previous years, the Web App has generally been released between the hours of 4pm and 7pm GMT, with this varying year on year. It is typically unveiled towards the latter time. Furthermore, delays and technical issues, due to the volume of users logging on, often means you have to wait even longer to access the full functionality of the Web App.

Several prominent FIFA YouTubers, including MattHDGamer, have hinted that the Web App will have a 6pm GMT release time.

Meanwhile, Twitter account @FUTZONEFIFA claim that EA are targeting a ‘soft release’ of the Web App. That would likely mean opening it slightly earlier to a smaller number of people as a test.

Of course, this has to still be viewed as speculation right now, and players need to wait for EA’s official confirmation – or keep checking the official website – for updates on when the Web App will arrive.

We will also update this article throughout the day with any further updates.

How do I access the FIFA 23 Web App?

Thankfully, accessing the FIFA 23 Web App before release is relatively simple. All you need to do is click on this link, which will take you to EA’s official Web App and Companion App homepage.

From there, simply wait for the page to refresh around the stated release time. The Companion App will be released tomorrow (Thursday, September 22) in the form of an update to your existing FIFA 22 Companion App. Once you open the app after its release date, the update prompt will likely appear automatically. If not, be sure to check the relevant Play Store/App Store to manually install the update.

Accessing the Web App post-release may be tricky for the first few hours. This is because there will be a high volume of users attempting to get in at the same time. That could cause issues with EA Servers. However, for more help if this occurs, check out the ‘Technical Issues‘ section of EA’s FIFA forum. This can be used to report/discuss any problems.

Featured Image Credit: EA SPORTS