Why Kurt Angle turned down a ten-fight contract with AEW

Wrestling icon Kurt Angle has revealed why he decided to prioritise a new business venture over taking AEW up on their ten-fight deal.

Over the last three decades, Angle has solidified his place among the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. After signing with Vince McMahon’s company, he worked his way to the very top of the promotion’s hierarchy. He spellbound audiences on the mic, engaged in bitter feuds and ultimately won a grand total of five world titles.

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Following the end of his in-ring career, he continued to make his mark during his stint as the Raw General Manager. But now, his time in the wrestling world has come to a close and apparently, no matter what the offer, he has no interest in making his return.

Kurt Angle explains why he turned down AEW

During a recent interview for NBC Sports Boston with SEScoops correspondent Steve Fall, the Olympic gold medalist opened up about the situation.

Angle confessed to not feeling capable of performing to his best and not wanting to leave his supplement company.

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He said: “Well, you know what. They actually wanted me to wrestle in particular. Tony Khan gave me a call, wanted me to wrestle. They offered me a pretty good deal, but I just can’t do it anymore. I wish I could, but it’s just not possible. 

“They did offer me two different times, and they did want me to do an on-camera personality as well, or a non-wrestling role. I actually turned that down as well. I just wanted to start up my supplement company, so I wanted to put more time into that. So, I didn’t want to leave the company at this particular time, so I decided not to do it.”

Kurt Angle opens up on addiction

The 53-year-old’s new venture clearly means a lot to him. Angle has been open about how his injuries resulted in him developing an addiction to prescription drugs.

He told Wrestling Inc: “The injuries, especially the neck, I was having knee, groin, back, hamstring. It was just something every week. I was still travelling, I was still working. I started taking the pain killers, and then two wasn’t working, I went to four, went to eight, and just kept getting higher and higher.

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“And I got so out of control, and then, I was able to pull it back right before that Mania [XIX], and my sister dies of a heroin overdose and that put me back on it. And then I ended up injuring my neck again, and I told Vince. I was sending Vince text messages that I was going to beat the s*** out of him when I saw him.

“‘Why aren’t you answering my calls?’ I mean, I was taking like 20 Percocets at night, and a couple of Xanax and a Soma and I don’t remember texting Vince.”

Thankfully, Angle went to rehab, where he made a successful recovery.

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