Chael Sonnen blasts NASCAR “insanity” as he backs Jake Paul for success

Chael Sonnen has given his honest opinion on whether Jake Paul could succeed at NASCAR.

In a recent interview, the YouTuber told ESPN‘s Stephen A Smith that he could potentially join the NFL, UFC or NASCAR when he decides to finish with boxing.

In terms of a timeframe, Paul said that he would move to future endeavours when he hit a record of 10-0 or 12-0 in boxing.

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Paul’s admission that he could move to the NFL certainly makes some sense. The 24-year-old has an athletic background and admitted to his brother Logan’s podcast, Impaulsive, that he wants to make his name in the sport.

He said: “I’ve been playing football my whole life, and it’s much different than boxing. It’s more simple in a way. I know it’s very tough, and the defence is intricate, and you have to put in so much time to understand all the plays and stuff. But at the end of the day, it’s coverage knowing your plays and then just being fast and willing to sacrifice your body to make a tackle. You could be a team player.”

Why is NASCAR so difficult to master?

However, NASCAR is a different proposition entirely for Paul. Stock car racing is one of the most challenging sports in the world to truly master.

In some ways, it requires some of the characteristics needed for boxing. One of those is the intense concentration for an extended period. But whilst boxing matches last for 36 minutes for a 12-round bout, NASCAR races can last for over three hours, including cautions.

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The sport is also exceptionally physically demanding. Drivers must drive their cars to the absolute limit throughout the race, engaging in overtaking and defending. On oval tracks especially, there is also an increased risk of multi-car collisions, meaning drivers have to stay switched on at all times.

Setup is a critical factor in the finishing position, with cars that have understeer or oversteer in corners losing valuable time.

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Whether Paul is genuinely keen on building a NASCAR career is yet to be seen. To get anywhere near the top, however, would require a tremendous amount of work, as well as skill levels that he may never be able to acquire.

Chael Sonnen on Jake Paul and NASCAR

One man, however, who believes Jake Paul could have a chance in NASCAR is former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen.

In fact, the 44-year-old believes he could reach the very summit of the sport. However, he did make the unusual claim that NASCAR isn’t “real” during the same discussion.

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He explained: “Jake Paul said when his boxing career is done, he is considering going into NASCAR. I liked that. I liked it because I think he’s telling us the truth – I think that’s straight.

“And I think he would make it to the top. I really do. I don’t buy NASCAR personally. Can’t prove it, I don’t think NASCAR is real.

“The definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over to get a different result. NASCAR does the same thing over and over with the same people, in the same cars, doing the same thing. And every Sunday they get a different result.”

Stock car drivers will surely be queueing up to dispute Sonnen’s final comments. Jake Paul is not short of any confidence and is already climbing the ladder in one new sport.

Whether he could ever do the same thing in NASCAR is another question entirely, and one that you wouldn’t likely see answered for several years – if he is serious about taking up the sport.

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