FIFA players discover hack that makes shots ‘impossible’ to save

How are you getting on with FIFA 21? Terrible? Us too.

Rightly or wrongly, a new hack has been doing the rounds on Reddit, detailing how to significantly improve your conversion rate in front of goal.

While it may seem a little unfair, we’re writing this just as much to let you know what you might be up against in your next Ultimate Team fixture, rather than sitting there baffled as to how this keeps happening against you.

The tactic is essentially flicking the ball up, be it with a simple scoop or a more extravagant rainbow flick, before lofting the ball over the helpless keeper.

YouTuber NepentheZ took to Twitter to demonstrate exactly what the underhand method looks like in-game and how goalkeepers seem to struggle with handling these kinds of efforts.

The trend isn’t entirely surprising, keeper animations have always been a little iffy when it comes to chipped shots, as pointed out below.

Along with the penalty and speed glitches, Weekend League is going to be an absolute nightmare, isn’t it?

Featured image credit: EA