‘Save Ukrainian Children’, Oleksandr Zinchenko says in heartwrenching video

Manchester City defender Oleksandr Zinchenko has posted a heartbreaking new video to Instagram illustrating the horrific impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and has pleaded with people to keep on speaking out against Russia.

Russia president Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale military operation on Ukraine on February 24. Since then, war has raged on in Ukraine.

As of Saturday, over 1,200 Ukrainian civilians have been killed, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. However, the UN claim that figure may well be underestimated, given the lack of resources available to authorities. So far, 112 children are among the confirmed fatalities, as per the same source.

Throughout the war, the sporting world has played its part in supporting those affected, and many have spoken out against Putin and the Russian regime.

Sports clubs across the UK, for instance, have raised money for the Ukrainian people and donated food and general supplies for those suffering during war.

In addition, the message ‘#StandWithUkraine’ has been amplified across all sports. In the UK, Zinchenko and fellow Ukraine international Vitaliy Mykolenko have been among the most vocal against the invasion by Russia.

YouTube video

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On the day of the invasion last month, Zinchenko attacked Putin in a post on Instagram. Later, it was deleted. The Manchester City defender, however, claimed Instagram took it down.

Everton left-back Mykolenko, meanwhile, posted a furious message in the direction of Russia captain Artem Dzyuba and his teammates, condemning their silence over the invasion. Dzyuba then later responded in an Instagram post of his own.

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Zinchenko posts emotional plea on Instagram

Taking to social media, Zinchenko has issued another passionate plea for members of the public to continue to speak out against Russia.

In the video, posted to his Instagram account, he began: “I’m not only a Ukrainian football player but also a Ukrainian citizen. Now, my country is defending against Russian aggression.

“Thousands of people are dying. The Russian troops had already destroyed several cities; bombs and shells are raining down on peaceful civilian houses.

“I was born and raised in the Zhytomyr region. On March 8, Russian aircraft attacked Malyn, the city near Zhytomyr. One of the airstrikes killed a family of five, including a baby.

“I also have a baby daughter. My heart breaks from the thought of how many children of her age are dying, and how many are becoming orphans in this war.

“There are already more than 140 children dead. And there will be more if no-one stops this invasion. I ask you: Please speak out! Don’t be silent while little kids die every day.

“Please, help us with your words and your support. Stop Putin! Save Ukrainian children.”

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