Sergio Aguero retirement: Five of the Man City legend’s best moments

Sergio Aguero announced his retirement from professional football at a press conference yesterday. The Argentinian is an all-time sporting great, and his legacy will live on for a long time to come.

The devastated 33-year-old wiped away the tears as he announced his decision on Wednesday at the media event in Barcelona.

He cried: “This press conference is to communicate that I’ve decided to stop playing soccer. It’s a very hard moment, but I’m at peace with my decision.”

“I made it to preserve my health. It’s what the doctors said to me, that it would be better to stop playing. I decided around ten days ago.”

“I’m very proud of my career. It was a dream come true. I just wanted to be a professional player and never thought I would play in Europe.”

During a fixture against Alaves at the Nou Camp earlier this month, the Argentinian was rushed to hospital. He was experiencing chest discomfort and breathing issues, which were ultimately diagnosed as symptoms of arrhythmia.

The news has crushed Aguero, but when enough time passes, hopefully, he’ll be able to look back on his astonishing career with pride. Therefore it only makes sense to honour the legend by looking back at his top five moments.

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5) An onslaught against Newcastle

Scoring five goals in one Premier League match is nearly an impossible task. Only all-time greats like Alan Shearer and Andy Cole can say that they’ve managed to achieve such a formidable feat. In fact, only five players have done it in Premier League history.

One of those players is Sergio Aguero. In 2015, the Argentinian sensation added his name to the small list by netting five goals against Newcastle United.

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The forward bagged his first goal just before the half-time whistle. But when the second half began, Aguero began to run riot. He was simply unstoppable, bagging four more goals over just 17 minutes.

His performance that day was synonymous with George Best’s against Northampton Town in 1970 – simply mesmeric.

4) Winning the Europa League

Aguero may never have tasted Champions League-winning success during his ten-year-long spell at the Etihad Stadium. But he did have a magical night in Hamburg with Atletico Madrid.

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At the start of the Buenos Aires native’s career, he never expected to play in Europe. But that idea was wholeheartedly wrong. Aguero may be renowned for depositing the ball in the back of the net himself, but in 2010, he highlighted another string to his bow.

Atletico’s matchup against Fulham served as an action-packed Europa League final. The fixture had got down to the dying minutes of extra time before the footballing great assisted Diego Forlan, who bagged the winning goal to the delight of the travelling Spanish contingent.

He might not have a winning medal for the elite competition in Europe. But Sergio Aguero can enjoy his retirement as he reflects on what was an incredible moment.

3) Highest Manchester City goal scorer of all time

With a club record of 260 goals, Aguero stood out from the pack as the Citizens greatest ever striker. His ability to beat the keeper was always the best part of his game.

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City paid £38million for the forward, but he highlighted the worthiness of that fee regularly. He was always there when the club needed him and, ultimately, without him they wouldn’t have become the side they are today.

2) Winning the Copa America

Sergio Aguero scored 41 goals in 101 matches during his impressive tenure as one of the key players in the Argentinian national side.

He represented them at three separate World Cups and enhanced his already remarkable legacy by helping them win the Copa America earlier this year.

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If the forward was missing anything from his incredible resume, then that’s certainly not the case anymore. He helped his side end their staggering 28-year wait for international silverware, and that’s why it is one of his most outstanding achievements.

1) Premier League victory in the dying seconds

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Aguero’s most significant career moment came on the last day of the 2011/12 season. No City fan will ever forget it.

Heading into stoppage time, it looked like City had let their first Premier League title slip out of their hands. They were 2-1 down against QPR, with only minutes remaining. Roberto Mancini’s side needed a win to secure their first top division championship in 44 years.

Even when Edin Dzeko levelled the scores, it wasn’t enough. City had to score again. Then, out of nowhere, their star striker made the biggest of impacts.

“Agueeeeroooooooo”, screams Martin Tyler down the Sky commentary microphone. “I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again.”

The fantastic punditry summarised one of the most memorable Premier League moments of all time. Aguero had done it. He had created history.

After receiving the ball inside the penalty area from Mario Balotelli, he hammered it beyond a helpless Paddy Kenny.

This moment has scribed the Argentinian’s name into the history book. His retirement may have come prematurely, but that doesn’t mean that Sergio Aguero can’t look back on his time as a professional footballer fondly. He’s a bonafide legend, and the Manchester City faithful will never forget what he’s given them.

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