WWE Raw Women’s Championship saw Bianca Belair defending title against Alexa Bliss

Bianca Belair has defended her WWE Raw Women’s Championship title against Alexa Bliss. However, the Belair vs Bliss match saw a non-finish being forced as well as Bray Wyatt’s future influence being teased. 

The first Monday Night Raw of 2023 undeniably began with a bang. Reigning Women’s champion Belair controlled the first half of the match, exhibiting sheer power and dominance over her potential usurper, Little Miss Bliss. 

Following the opening beatdown, however, the Belair vs Bliss match was punctured by a couple of strange occurrences. 

Firstly, someone in the crowd was spotted wearing an Uncle Howdy mask. Secondly, Wyatt’s new symbol was broadcasted on the screen. 

Upon seeing this revamped logo, Bliss was sent into a frenzy. She pounced on the referee, attacking him and thus causing a disqualification (DQ). 

Belair vs Bliss saw the former being posted and being knocked unconscious

Following the disorientated attack on the official, Bliss then went straight for Belair. She floored her opponent before brutally posting her. 

Not letting up, Bliss continued to drag Belair outside of the ring, before performing a DDT on the ring steps, twice. 

The result was Bianca being beaten, bloody and bleeding from her mouth. She was also knocked unconscious, forcing her husband Montez Ford to step in and assist her. 

So, despite keeping her Raw Women’s Championship title due to a non-finish – Blair came off worse.

According to What Culture, Belair was reportedly under medical observation after the match. However, no pity or apologies from Bliss was issued. 

Despite throwing away her chance of a Championship title, Bliss believed she’d done one better – by really getting into her opponent’s head. 

What can we expect from Alexa Bliss in the future?

After the state of disillusion brought about via the streamed logo, it’s fair to think that Wyatt’s influence is going to play a huge part in Bliss’ new direction.

Can we also, therefore, expect to see something interesting in the upcoming WWE Draft?

Something we do know for sure though – we’re on the road to WrestleMania 39 and the Royal Rumble. We can also bet that this Belair vs Bliss rivalry hasn’t quite reached its climax yet.

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Feature image credit: WWE