Randy Orton taking part in a WWE spelling bee has fans amused

Randy Orton amused fans when he took part in a spelling bee during an edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Orton is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. He started out his WWE career as a part of the villainous stable Evolution, before adopting his ‘Legend Killer’ persona. He would regularly defeat some of WWE’s top Superstars.

From there, he turned into a snake-like character, who would generally use underhand tactics to secure victories during the late 2000s. He formed the ‘Legacy’ stable with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, and there was then his work as part of ‘The Authority’, where he was the company’s figurehead wrestler.

Orton has generally been a heel throughout his time in WWE. However, more recently, he has turned face. ‘The Viper’ is currently part of the ‘RK-Bro’ team with former MMA star Riddle.

The pair won the Raw Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam and held it after a series of title defences against the likes of AJ Styles and Omos, and the Street Profits.

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However, they dropped the titles on the January 10 edition of Raw to the Alpha Academy. The team consists of Chad Gable, a former high school state champion wrestler who has drawn similarities to Kurt Angle, and the 330lb giant Otis.

Orton and Riddle accept spelling bee challenges

After losing the belts to the Alpha Academy, Orton and Riddle have accepted the chance to take part in some rather bizarre challenges against their rivals in recent weeks.

In the latest edition of Raw, the pair took on a WWE spelling bee.

Otis walked up to the stand first and correctly, after some prompting, spelt the word ‘Emmental’.

Then it was Riddle’s turn. He correctly laid out the spelling of ‘calibration’. Gable, however, misspelt his word, much to the delight of the WWE Universe.

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That meant it was up to Randy Orton to win the WWE spelling bee for his team. ‘The Viper’ strode up to the platform and successfully spelt the word ‘dumbbell’.

Despite being a light-hearted segment, it drew a great response from the crowd, who really got involved.

Fans react to Orton’s spelling bee appearance

It is a testament to Orton’s skill both as a wrestler and on the mic that he can seamlessly adapt to different challenges with ease. However, it still amused fans that a man not known for his fun personality inside the ring appeared in such a segment.

One fan wrote: “The look Randy made was priceless when Riddle was talking about calibration of a scale!”

Another said: “Randy was dying laughing on the inside!”

A third commented: “Randy Orton happy at a spelling bee. I thought I’d seen it all.”

Others praised Orton for his work during the segment.

“Man Randy is just the coolest dude I’ve seen, I became a fan of him before [Undertaker] and [John] Cena. Can be one of the most brutal in heel and one of the coolest in face,” one fan said.

A second wrote: “RK-Bro is definitely the most entertaining tag team of the last 15 years.”

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