Molly McCann issues emotional statement following UFC 281 defeat

UFC’s Molly McCann issues an emotional message following her disappointing defeat to Erin Blanchfield at Madison Square Gardens last weekend.

On November 12 at UFC 281, Blanchfield ended McCann’s impressive three-win streak. The 23-year-old was crowned the fight winner after forcing her opponent (known as the Meatball) to tap out in the first round.

McCann suffered multiple punches and heavy elbows to the head, tapping out after just 3-and-a-half minutes apparently to avoid long-term injury. 

In an immediate post-match interview, McCann told Caroline Pearce via BT Sport that she would be “taking some time away” from the sport, but still congratulated Blanchfield for the deserved win. 

“Congratulations Erin, you were the better girl on the night. You deserve the run that you’re going on, you’re a true professional and I’m proud that you got the finish in your hometown.”

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What is the Molly McCann statement?

Since her defeat, McCann has taken to Instagram to share her thoughts on her latest UFC fight.

“Where to start, first of all, thank you to the UFC/BT Sports staff for making that fight week the best of my life,” the statement begins.

“To my team, family, friends and Ellis I am so lucky to have you all. To the fans, you’ll never quite know how special that weigh-in and that walk out was for me,” she continued.

“This game is unforgiving, and Saturday was Erin’s time to shine and not mine!”

McCann also says that now she’ll be taking “some time to lick my wounds” before returning to UFC. 

“Thank you to the real ones! Humbling to see how loved I am in defeat! I know that’s not always the case for some,” the message concludes. 

When is the next Molly McCann fight?

At the time of writing, Meatball doesn’t have a next fight lined up. However, given her emotional Instagram statement – we may not see the Liverpudlian back in UFC for some time. 

We’re wishing McCann well in her rest period and expect to see her back to winning ways shortly.

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