Fans react after Jamie Carragher reveals hilarious Lionel Messi “donkey” message

Jamie Carragher admitted on Friday Night Football that Lionel Messi once annihilated him on Instagram – and fans loved it.

Fellow pundit Gary Neville joined Carragher to pick their FIFA 22 Team of the Year. The pair of footballing greats love a good debate. Their humorous chemistry shines through every time they present together. But this time, they really knocked the ball out of the park.

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Selecting the best possible squad is never an easy task — especially in 2021, where the competition has grown stronger than ever before.

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But Lionel Messi is one man you would expect to make it in the vast majority of teams. The Argentinian is the reigning Ballon d’Or winner and a bonafide footballing legend.

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However, Carragher still didn’t feel it was enough for him to make his starting line-up.

This isn’t the first time he’s underestimated Messi this season. When the forward switched to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer transfer window, the former Liverpool defender admitted that he wasn’t convinced that the superstar would be a good fit at Parc des Princes. This apparently left the four-time Champions League winner furious.

Jamie Carragher vs Lionel Messi – Instagram beef

Following his comments, the Anfield legend claimed that he received a rather hurtful message from one of the best players ever to lace up the boots.

Carragher admitted: “I got a private message on Instagram from the man himself. He basically called me a donkey.”

However, this doesn’t mean that the former defender doesn’t rate the footballing wizard. Hence the reason he felt he had to clarify his comments. But he couldn’t resist sticking the knife in at the same time.

He said: “Lionel Messi, I absolutely love you. You’re the greatest player of all time. Compared to you, I was a donkey. But you’re not getting in this team. You haven’t played well enough.”

The fans have their say

These amusing comments have triggered a massive response from supporters around the globe. They have taken to the r/soccer subreddit to voice their opinions on the hilarious admission by Carragher.

One user said: “This day just keeps on giving. I love football.”

Another responded: “The best game on the planet.”

A third fan beamed: “III LOOOVEEEE THIIIIIS GAAAAAME. The voice of Evra echoes through our minds this blessed day.”

Others were simply surprised that Lionel Messi would watch Friday Night Football and then take to Instagram to give Jamie Carragher some stick.

One fan wrote: “I’m in tears at the idea of Messi watching the show and getting offended enough to send a DM insulting the man. Like it’s so petty. Hilarious.”

Another said: “Bet you it was [Messi’s] son that grabbed his phone and DM’d him.”

But perhaps the most interesting comment pointed out that maybe the Argentinian is more similar to his biggest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, than we realise.

He claimed: “LOL, it gives you a glimpse that Messi is just as humble as Ronaldo. He just hides it better.”

Whatever your conclusions, it was a hilarious moment – and one that will surely be recounted to Carragher for a while to come.

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