When Brock Lesnar F5’d a shark in WWE commercial

Brock Lesnar has one of the most dangerous finishing moves in WWE history, with the F5 ending many a match during his career.

The move involves Lesnar picking up an opponent in the fireman’s carry position, before twisting and slamming them down to the mat face-first.

Theory found out how destructive the move is in its most extreme form at Elimination Chamber. The 24-year-old climbed to the top of the Chamber in an attempt to escape the rampant Lesnar before being brought down to the top of one of the pods.

From there, he suffered a 20-foot drop as Lesnar performed an F5 from the top of the pod. WWE fans were left in shock as Theory’s face planted the ground. Unsurprisingly, the ‘Beast Incarnate’ rolled his opponent back into the ring and pinned him.

Since then, the likes of Roman Reigns, The Usos and Chad Gable have all fallen victim to Lesnar’s infamous F5 move, They are not the first, and certainly not the last. And with SummerSlam coming up on July 30, Lesnar will no doubt perform another F5 to Reigns when they face each other in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Universal Championship.

But who knew that animals (and a bunch of special effects) could be the victim of Lesnar’s infamous F5 as well?

Brock Lesnar performs F5 to a shark

Back in 2003, Brock Lesnar was in the midst of his first WWE run. He had already become the youngest performer ever to win the WWE Championship at 25.

If you thought Lesnar was destructive now, he was on another level at this particular time. The American was one of the most powerful athletes in the world. He steamrolled through most of the WWE locker room.

There were wins over Big Show, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker. Lesnar quickly rose to the top of the WWE ladder.

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Before he clashed with Angle at SummerSlam 2003, Lesnar participated in a WWE commercial previewing the event. All the gimmicks were there, including the sunny beaches… and Brock Lesnar chasing after a shark.

Yes, that’s right. In an advert that felt very 2003, a lifeguard blew his whistle to indicate that everyone should immediately get off the beach. Amidst the panic, the ‘Beast Incarnate’ charged down the middle of the beach, adorned in wrestling gear. He then dives into the sea.

The next thing we see is Lesnar standing upright, balancing a shark in the famous fireman’s carry position before launching it back into the sea.

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Unfortunately for Lesnar, SummerSlam itself was unsuccessful. He could defeat a shark – but not Kurt Angle. The former Olympic gold medalist submitted Lesnar to reclaim the WWE Championship.

Featured Image Credit: WWE