The new Nike 2022 World Cup Advert is here, featuring some familiar faces

A plethora of football starlets, including Alex Morgan, Sam Kerr and Kevin De Bruyne have all been cast in the new Nike World Cup 2022 advert

The advert, titled ‘The GOAT Experiment’, sees scientists testing a formula that will (for once and for all) distinguish who is the greatest football player of all time.

Mbappe goes head-to-head with Ronaldinho

The advert opens with French forward Kylian Mbappe being transported into a scientific testing room. Alongside him stands Ronaldinho, as he was during his time at Barcelona. So the debate begins – who is the real GOAT?

Elsewhere in the Nike 2022 World Cup advert, a past version of Ronaldo Nazario laughs at a future version’s haircut while Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen doing what he does best – scoring goals. The moment also sees Ronaldo performing his signature ‘Sui’ celebration.

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More familiar faces feature in the advert

As well as iconic male footballers like Virgil van Dijk and Edgar Davis, the advert also includes some of the best in the women’s game too.

Australia’s Sam Kerr and USA’s Alex Morgan can be seen. The latter performed her legendary tea-sip celebration after scoring against the men.

The advert then closes with a present-day Nazario asking, “what the heck” is going on?

Following the advert, it’s clear to see what Nike’s main motto is heading into the Qatar world cup. Celebrate the iconic players of now, while remembering those who previously paved the way.

As far as adverts go, this Nike 2022 World Cup advert is up there with the best.

When does the 2022 World Cup start?

The talent showcase comes ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The tournament in question kicks off with hosts Qatar vs Ecuador on Sunday 20 November.

England will see their first group stage match taking place on Monday 21 November. They will play Iran before facing up against Wales and the USA in the coming weeks.

Featured image credit:Nike