Jake Paul next fight: Five potential opponents for the ‘Problem Child’

Jake Paul knocked Tyron Woodley out cold last night and has now begun searching for an opponent for his next fight.

‘The Problem Child’ announced himself to the world on Saturday evening. He is no longer the ex-Disney presenter who just bullies limited opposition, but a power puncher capable of taking out even the toughest MMA fighters.

Following five lackadaisical rounds, the fight appeared to be hanging in the balance. Both boxers were in desperate need of a big moment to stamp their authority on the contest. Then suddenly, one of them did.

Paul was able to spring forward with an absolute thunderbolt of a right hand which landed perfectly on the jaw of the former UFC champion. He fell face-first to the canvas.

The victory was an astonishing one. Nobody had done that to Woodley throughout his entire career. The Cleveland native’s power is real and a genuine threat to whoever steps in the ring with him next.

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But who could that be? We’ve taken a look at several potential opponents for one of boxing’s most controversial stars.

Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury - Jake Paul next fight
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Paul vs Woodley II was a fantastic festive treat for fight fans to get stuck into. But the YouTuber could have had a different opponent on Saturday night.

Tommy Fury was devastated to pull out of his planned contest with the Cleveland native due to a broken rib and a bacterial chest infection. However, once his injury heals, he’ll surely be desperate to reschedule the biggest fight of his career.

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Following Paul’s devastating knockout at the weekend, some are writing the Brit off. They believe that the American will be too good for him. However, it wouldn’t necessarily be wise to count Fury out just yet.

His superior footwork and boxing skill could be enough to teach his nemesis a lesson. The Ohio-born superstar has never fought a professional boxer, and that could be his undoing if this fight gets rearranged.

This is still a battle that the world wants to see. The rivalry means so much to both men, and following an epic press conference, the public is desperate to see who the better fighter is.

Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz Jake Paul next fight
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Nate Diaz was in attendance in Florida, but only to corner his teammate Chris Avila. He helped guide his protege to a victory against Paul’s teammate, Anthony Taylor.

The UFC legend didn’t fancy sticking around for the main event and left before Paul and Woodley walked to the ring. But that doesn’t mean that he didn’t cause a stir during fight week.

However, despite call-outs from Paul, it doesn’t appear as if the submission expert has any desire to step into the ring with him. This is even despite the 24-year-old’s comments at the post-fight press conference.

Paul begged the UFC boss, Dana White, for an opportunity to take on his most prominent stars.

The American said: “I just embarrassed your entire company. Please let me get Usman, let me get Diaz, and let me get [Jorge] Masvidal. I’m going to embarrass them too. I promise you that, Dana.”

His dream fight with Diaz may never occur, and to add insult to injury, ‘Gamebred’ has also shunned any idea of a future contest. He posted a cryptic video to his social media in which he accused the larger than life character of being unable to afford him and giving away tickets to cover his poor sales.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Jake Paul next fight
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‘The Spider’ may be 46-years-old, but he’s looked revitalised since his switch to the boxing realm. He was given little to no chance when he agreed to fight former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

There seemed to be no possible way that he would match the skill of an elite level boxer. But he did that – and then some.

He played with the Mexican superstar. His movement, feints and unorthodox punching angles were too much for Chavez to handle.

But in his next outing, the legend looked to make an even bigger statement. He landed a beautiful right hand that meant he defeated former UFC champion Tito Ortiz.

The Brazilian offers a complex puzzle that’s extremely difficult to solve. But if Jake Paul wants to test himself against an MMA fighter who can really box, then Silva would be the perfect opponent for his next fight.

Idris Virgo

Idris Virgo
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Idris Virgo is desperate to take on a big name and would welcome a contest with the YouTuber.

When Fury pulled out, the reality TV star was desperate to step in and take his place. He posted a video on his Twitter page, begging the American for a fight.

He said: “As a fighting man, I am willing to step in at short notice and fight Jake Paul. What are you saying, Jake? The best in the UK, Mr Love Islander, Mr Lover Lover Man, are you ready to face the one and only Idris Virgo? Paul vs Virgo, let’s get it on. I’m ready.”

The Birmingham-based boxer has gained notoriety for starring on reality shows Love Island and The Challenge. In addition, he is currently unbeaten in his thirteen professional outings. But more importantly, he’s got the personality to help sell the bout.

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The build-up to this transatlantic super-fight would be must-see TV, especially if the Brit tried to pour his drink over his American counterpart.

There could be a collision to be separated right there and then.

However, Virgo may have to fend off competition from his Challenge co-star Darrell Taylor. The four-time champion is most famous for winning the show alongside WWE star, The Miz.

The 41-year-old is a seasoned boxer, having won the Golden Gloves tournament as an amateur. He has been very vocal about wanting a contest with Paul, and his popularity in the States may make him the favourite to get the fight if the 24-year-old does fancy going toe-to-toe with a reality star.

Therefore, Virgo will need to continue goading the American on social media until he gives him what he wants.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather
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It doesn’t matter who Jake Paul gets in the ring with for his next fight. It’s guaranteed to be a monumental occasion regardless of who the opponent is. But there’s undoubtedly one name that stands out from the pack.

Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer of our generation. His incredible speed, agility and defensive skills combined with his outspoken nature have made him the highest-paid athlete of all time.

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But now there’s a new star on the block, and ‘The Money Man’ doesn’t like it. In his last contest, he went eight rounds with Paul’s brother, Logan. Therefore there is already an inbuilt storyline should the two collide in the future.

Their incredible star power would provide fans with one of the biggest fights of all time. The trash talk would be out of this world as the legend is still desperate to get the YouTuber back for stealing his hat several months ago.

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Who will Jake Paul actually fight next?

We don’t know who the social media icon will choose as his next opponent. There are so many possible names that would love an opportunity to be the man to beat him whilst making millions of dollars at the same time.

In addition to all the names mentioned, NRL star Paul Gallen is desperate for a colossal showdown with the ‘Problem Child’ at a stadium in Australia.

Paul Gallen next fight for Jake Paul
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In all likelihood, Jake Paul will probably select Tommy Fury as his next opponent. The grudge is unsettled, and the only way it can be laid to rest is if the two men meet in the ring. But irrespective of who he fights next, what the American has achieved in the sport is nothing short of groundbreaking.

There isn’t a boxer alive who has transcended pop culture as much as he has in such a short amount of time, and Paul must be commended for that. But the squared circle is an unforgiving mistress, and there are levels to the game. We’ll have to wait and see how long it takes the 24-year-old to find his.

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